Transition to School Information Evening at Young Academics Smeaton Grange

Lisa Miller, 07 Mar 2019

Last week, Young Academics invited the parents of Smeaton Grange for a Transition to School information evening. With such a positive turnout, we were humbled by the reaction of parents who attended. Throughout the evening, we opened up our doors (and hearts!) about this topic during the evening, examining how relationships and learning support can increase a more positive start to ‘big school.’

One of our main topics was understanding how to ‘smooth’ the way for children into primary school, without losing sight of what is important; your little one.

We discussed the purpose and importance of our Transition to School Program, and how it can work hand in hand with efforts from parents in preparing children for primary school.

The evening was intended to trigger thought and action about effective student transition.

What we tried to place emphasis on was the idea that it is never too early to start thinking about transition into primary school, but it can be too late.

Young Academics shared insight into what can be done to make the transition to school as easy (and tearless) as possible. We discussed various topics and how our program/s have helped (and can continue to do so) prepare children for ‘big’ school:

  • literacy and numeracy awareness,
  • science and mathematics,
  • social confidence,
  • physical movement,
  • communication, and
  • storytelling.

"The transition to school evening was prepared beautifully by the educators and it was great to see the time and effort put into the night. It was a great way for us parents to see and understand what our little ones are learning day-to-day and the way the educators are preparing them for their first year of ‘big school.’ We didn’t know just how many topics are covered and how the educators mimic school situations to prepare the kids for school. Overall, we were very glad we attended the night. " Rebecca Ciaramidaro

Part of our professional responsibility is to engage parents with information regarding student transition.

"The transition to school evening was very helpful and informative for parents like us with a child ready to go to school for the first time. It was a great insight, not only to the hard work and dedication that Young Academics provide to my child, but also to the high standards that you expect and deserve for your child who is starting big school.

Thanks again to the team for putting in such a wonderful effort." Rachel

We encouraged discussion and helped contribute to conversations among parents and educators alike, on how best to lead effective transitions between childcare and primary school, using evidence from our programs and giving parents an insight into what we do.

With this, our Smeaton Grange centre became a forum for discussion and collaboration, as the room quickly filled with conversation and ideas. Led by our dedicated educators, we acknowledged the importance of preparing children and supporting them during this transition.

"I found the transition to school evening extremely informative and left feeling confident that our daughter is in the best possible environment to prepare her for ‘big school’ over the next year or so. The content that was shared was well put together and the fact that it was presented by the actual educators who deliver the pre-school programme added a nice personal touch. I am definitely now better informed and have a greater understanding of the various initiatives that YA have in place and the purposes of each of the programmes the pre-school children experience.  It was also great to have the opportunity to have a chat to the educators as this is often quite difficult at drop off or pick up times.  All in all I'm extremely glad i attended the event and would recommend it to all current or prospective parents." Dominic Houghton

Overall, we are pleased with the success of the evening and the feedback we received from parents. We hope that this night prompted thought and action when thinking about ways to assist your child in the transition from childcare to ‘big school.’

"As parents we always make our children’s transition into any stage in life as easy as possible and that’s for both us as parents and for the children. Having this transition to school program available to us at Young Academics gives us confidence and puts us at ease knowing this program has and will help Hayden and Audrey. Aside from learning at home, we look forward to see what Hayden will achieve through this program." Gizelle & Christian

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