Guildford Childcare Centre

Young Academics Guildford offers stimulating learning experiences and engagement for children aged between six weeks and six years old.

The indoor learning environment at our Guildford childcare centre is bright and enticing with a combination of custom-built learning opportunities and open areas filled with resources to inspire imaginative play, creativity and problem-solving.

Our expansive outdoor learning environment at our Guildford childcare centre is designed to bring learning to life and encourage children to collaborate and develop their self-confidence and social skills. The garden patch where children can explore their natural surroundings is a popular space.

Why choose Young Academics for your Guildford childcare?

Staffed by a sector-leading team of educators, many of whom are multilingual, children at our Young Academics Guildford childcare centre enjoy a range of cognitive development opportunities, including learning language concepts to help prepare them for kindergarten, and beyond.

With the local library nearby our Guildford childcare location, children are able to enjoy age-appropriate experiences designed to promote a love of literature and learning.

Children up to age three participate in our signature Evolution Program, while those between three and five take part in the Transition to School Program.

At our Guildford childcare centre children enjoy five healthy meals and snacks prepared on-site by our in-house cook daily.

Underground parking is available for convenient drop-off and pick-up. All nappies and wipes are included. Cot linen provided (excludes stretcher bed linen).

At Young Academics we have a number of early learning centres in Western Sydney, including our childcare centre in Merrylands, early learning centre in Greystanes and Pendle Hill early learning centre. To find your nearest centre, please call us on 1300 668 993

Young Academics Early Learning Centre - Guildford Childcare Centre
28-36 Station St, Guildford NSW 2161, Australia
Opening hours
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Monday - Friday)
Chetna Bhatt

Chetna is a dedicated and passionate Centre Manager at Young Academics Guildford. With 8 years experience in early childhood education, she is committed to fostering the holistic development of children and empowering educators to excel in their roles.

Chetna enjoys having the opportunity to make a significant impact on children’s lives during their formative years. Motivated by a genuine passion for working with young children, she enjoys interacting with them, witnessing their growth and development and contributing positively to their lives. As a parent herself, she appreciates working closely with families, providing support, guidance and resources to assist in navigating the challenges of parenting and promote their children’s development.

In Chetna’s leadership role, she embraces a play-based approach. Through recognising that learning permeates every facet of a child’s growth (physical, social/emotional and cognitive) she strives to create a nurturing and enjoyable learning environment. Her overarching goal is to instil in children the confidence and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

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Helpful information

What we provide

  • 5 nutritious meals prepared fresh daily by our on-site cook
  • Personal care resources like nappies, bibs and wipes
  • Ongoing parent/educator correspondence via our parent app
  • Cot linen provided (excludes stretcher bed linen)
  • Safe and secure centres with keypad access
  • Hats and sunscreen for play time

What to bring

  • Formula
  • Spare change of clothing
  • Water bottle
Young Academics Early Learning Centre - Guildford Childcare Centre
28-36 Station St, Guildford NSW 2161, Australia
Opening hours
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Monday - Friday)
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