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We understand the very important role our early learning centres play in guiding your toddler through the very first steps in developing their sense of identity. At Young Academics, our signature education programs, passionate educators and high-quality centres come together to help your toddler build skills that are appropriate to their development.

  • Our Evolution Program recognises that for toddlers, learning happens through exploration and discovery, with a focus on play-based learning to help them develop across five key areas – physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language, which are informed by the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • Across each of our centres, highly trained educators, intentionally design learning environments and fun activities ensure your toddler is developing according to age-appropriate milestones.
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Growing with YA

We know that toddlers learn best through age-appropriate activities and child-led learning, so we focus on maximising your child’s potential through enriching and engaging educational experiences. Our centres provide children with the opportunity to progress towards learning outcomes and achieve developmental milestones in environments where exploration, discovery and creativity are encouraged.

Some of the ways we support your toddler at our centres include:

Learning Environments

Our indoor and outdoor leaning environments have been strategically designed to enhance every child’s experience, allowing them to learn, develop and explore freely through texture, space, colour and more.

Play-Based Learning

Our toddler program promotes positive learning through play where our educators lead the way for your child to discover, create and problem solve. This is done in both indoor and outdoor learning environments.


Every day, our in-house cooks prepare five healthy and nutritious meals and snacks that have been specifically planned by a dietician. Every child in our care is taught about the importance of nutrition, planting the seeds for a healthy lifestyle later in life.


Young Academics’ Evolution Program for toddlers recognises their learning happens through exploration and discovery, with a focus on stimulating curiosity through play-based learning and intentional teaching.

Some examples of how our Evolution Program supports your toddler’s learning and development include:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Language



Our secure indoor and outdoor learning environments allow your child to be open to challenges and opportunities, encouraging them to exert their energy and improve gross-motor skills. By providing a safe place where they can walk, run, climb, dance and more, our program encourages health and physical wellbeing through physical play.



As toddlers develop, a new sense of independence is fostered. Through a combination of organised learning environments, model educators and play experiences, our program encourages your child to interact, share and communicate with others. We ensure that your toddler is taught to engage in conversations that promote respect, equity and active citizenship.



During your child’s toddler years, you will see spurts of emotion. Our educators are sensitive to your child’s feelings while simultaneously understanding the importance of self-control. Our program helps your child understand emotions and how to respond to them by ensuring that they feel safe, secure and comfortable within their environments.



We want your toddler to grow self-confidence when it comes to their learning and development. Through play-based learning activities, literacy and numeracy, we encourage your child to become an explorer of the world using practical, real-life scenarios. We allow your child to learn through a range of activities such as painting, dress-ups, props, music and role-play.



Language refers to both verbal and non-verbal interactions. When they feel safe and supported, toddlers can express their thoughts through song, stories, and listening. Our educators focus on this by talking and engaging with your child to help develop their language skills. We ensure your child uses our resources as a means of expressing ideas, imagination and creativity.

what we provide

Young Academics will nurture your child with developmentally appropriate resources, safe spaces and supportive educators and programs. At a time when your child is undergoing rapid growth and development, we aim to give them the best possible start to their early education. Across our early learning centres we consistently provide:

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A safe, secure, and clean environment
long day care centres
Personal care resources, such as nappies, wipes, Avent bottles and sunscreen for outdoor play
daycare centres sydney
Fresh cot linen provided (excludes stretcher bed linen)
early learning centres sydney
Part-time or full-time care options for your convenience
early learning centres
Age-appropriate resources, facilities and programs relevant to infant development
childcare centres
Ongoing parent/educator correspondence via OWNA
child care facilities
Access and advice regarding CCS entitlement
At home learning opportunities

We see our relationship with our families as a partnership as we work together to ensure your child’s early education experience sets them up for a lifelong love of learning. If parents want to extend their toddlers learning at home, helping them to achieve their developmental milestones, some fun ways they can do this include:

  • Letting your child choose a game or activity to play with you or getting them to plan a family outing is a great way to encourage autonomy.
  • Get your child to help you label their personal items they bring into their early learning centre is a fun way for them to learn literacy skills.
  • Engaging in pretend play by dressing up and acting out new scenes together is a great way for your child to explore their creative side and express emotions.
  • Learning a song in a different language together will help to introduce your toddler to different cultures and the idea of diversity.
Our family-focused approach is reflected in all aspects of our care. We are here to
nurture and grow with all in our network.
Child care subsidy
As a registered childcare provider, families enrolled with us are eligible for CCS benefits.
Orientation at YA
Orientation gives you a glimpse into life at Young Academics, including our early learning programs and facilities.
Programs at
young academics

At Young Academics we pride ourselves on our signature approach to early learning education programs that meet the need of every child, with the support of our well-resourced environments and industry leading educators. We offer a number of specifically designed learning focuses and activities for infants (0-2 years), toddlers (2-3 years) and preschoolers (3-5 years) to explore according to their age and developmental stage.

Evolution Program
Our signature approach to early learning education programs promotes the development of learning dispositions such as wonder, curiosity and imagination.
Transition to School Program
Our Transition to School Program is designed to develop foundational skills, providing fluid transition into Early Stage One of the Australian School Curriculum.