Yagoona Childcare Centre

Welcome to Our Young Academics Yagoona Childcare Centre

Our Yagoona childcare centre is designed to provide a safe, inclusive and engaging space for children to explore, learn and play. With a dedicated team of passionate Educators, we are committed to fostering the holistic development of each child, ensuring they thrive emotionally, socially and intellectually.

At Young Academics Yagoona, we believe in a child-centric play-based approach to learning. Our curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and is designed to cater to the individual needs and interests of every child. Through play-based experiences, structured activities and hands on learning, we encourage curiosity, creativity and a lifelong love for learning. Children up to age three participate in the tailored Evolution Program, while those between three and five join the Transition to School Program.

Our Yagoona childcare centre offers an abundance of indoor and outdoor spaces over two levels, children are able to enhance their gross motor skills and enjoy the importance of playtime. Our indoor environment is thoughtfully designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, conducive to learning and play. It features;

  • Spacious Classrooms
  • Learning Corners
  • Quiet Spaces
  • Safety Measures

The outdoor play area is an extension of the learning environment, designed to promote physical activity, exploration and imaginative play. It features;

  • Natural Elements
  • Play Structures
  • Vegetable & Sensory Gardens
  • 3 seperate age appropriate areas

Healthy eating habits are cultivated from a young age at our Yagoona childcare centre. At our Young Academics Yagoona childcare centre, we provide nutritious, balanced meals and snacks prepared on site. Our menus are carefully curated to offer a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein. We accommodate dietary restrictions and work closely with families to ensure every child’s individual needs are met.

We strive to create an environment where every child feels valued, supported and inspired to reach their full potential.

All nappies and wipes are included. Cot linen provided (excludes stretcher bed linen).

Discover the Young Academics Difference

When you choose Young Academics Yagoona childcare centre, you are choosing the best day care Yagoona has to offer! Our early learning centre ensures that your child’s well-being and development are always put first. With a strong focus on early learning, a nurturing environment, and experienced educators, we are committed to consistently providing the best childcare in Yagoona. 

Contact a member of our team today to find out what our Yagoona childcare services can offer you and your child!

Young Academics Early Learning Centre - Yagoona Childcare Centre
224 William St, Yagoona NSW 2199, Australia
Opening hours
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Monday - Friday)
Helpful information

What we provide

  • 5 nutritious meals prepared fresh daily by our on-site cook
  • Personal care resources like nappies, bibs and wipes
  • Ongoing parent/educator correspondence via our parent app
  • Cot linen provided (excludes stretcher bed linen)
  • Safe and secure centres with keypad access
  • Hats and sunscreen for play time

What to bring

  • Formula
  • Spare change of clothing
  • Water bottle
Young Academics Early Learning Centre - Yagoona Childcare Centre
224 William St, Yagoona NSW 2199, Australia
Opening hours
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Monday - Friday)
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