Workshops at Young Academics

Designed to complement our existing programs, the Young Academics Workshops bring a new level of excitement to learning. During these workshops children of all ages will be given the opportunity to try new experiences in specialised areas.

Our Music & Movement Workshop supports children’s social, emotional and physical development by using musical instruments, dance, and creative movement to express themselves.
Music & Movement

Our Music and Movement Workshop is a play-based learning program which supports children’s holistic development. These 20–30-minute weekly classes for all age groups are the perfect way for children to experience fun and engaging music and movement lessons with our expert educators and teachers.

This program will run weekly in line with NSW School Terms at no extra cost to families!

Experiences include
Playing instruments
Listening to music and lullabies
Singing together
Basic movements
Fundamental Movement Skills
Run, Side Sliding, Hopping, Overarm Throw, Kick, Skip, Gallop and so on
Each lesson will support children to:
Develop socially and emotionally
Promote self-esteem
Improve cognitive skills
Be provided with a positive emotional outlet
Ignite their creativity
Feel empowered
Build their brain power
Practice and refine gross and fine motor skills
Encourage creative expression
Learn how the body and mind can work together
Increase confidence
In addition to the developmental benefits, music brings us joy!
Introducing our Music & Movement Program Specialists
Holly has an extensive music teaching background, within a variety of settings. These have included schools, preschools, and one on one tuition lessons. She has a Bachelor of Creative Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Education in music. More recently, she also completed a Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood from Macquarie University. Holly enjoys seeing children explore, develop, and learn in their musical journey and believes in making music fun! She has played piano and sung since the age of 8, but Holly believes that there is always something to learn, especially when exploring music with young people!
Tania has been working with children for over 17 years, and in the childcare sector for 5 years. She holds her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and a degree in Social Work from back home in Portugal. Tania is tri-lingual, fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. In her early years, Tania performed in ballet, hip hop, rhythmic gymnastics, and classical dancing. She also has a special interest in Zumba, both participating and teaching! Tania believes in developing strong relationships with children that encourage them to build confidence and a love for lifelong learning. She is extremely active and enthusiastic and brings a positive energy to her work with children.