Nurturing healthy
bodies and minds

At Young Academics, we are focused on the holistic growth and development of each child, with health and nutrition a top priority for us.

Each of our centres features an inclusive menu of five delicious and nutritious daily meals prepared by our in-house cooks. All meals present an opportunity for our children to learn about the importance of a well-balanced diet, guiding them towards lifelong healthy eating habits.
Teaching the importance of nutrition

A child’s first five years are crucial in developing healthy eating behaviours, exploring new foods and meeting nutritional requirements to help them grow and develop. Nutrition is also integral to improving children’s wellbeing, self-confidence, and ability to concentrate.

At Young Academics, we understand our early learning environments play a pivotal role in exposing children to a variety of nourishing foods and promoting healthy eating habits for life. Our holistic Nutrition Program allows children to take part in preparing and serving their meals and learn about the important connection between hygiene, physical activity, and healthy eating.


Our nutritious seasonal four-week rotating menu meets 50% of your child’s daily nutritional requirements by serving a healthy variety of foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, chicken, dairy products and more.

All five meals and snacks are prepared fresh in centre each day by our resident cooks.

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Late Snack

Our seasonal menus are aligned to Munch and Move guidelines, which is the NSW Government’s child health initiative, once again ensuring that Young Academics are delivering a holistic approach in all aspects of service delivery.


Nutrition Program at Young Academics
Apple Crumble

Morning Tea

Nutrition Program at Young Academics
Banana or Mixed Berry Smoothie


Nutrition Program at Young Academics
Lemon Myrtle Lamb Kebabs with wholemeal Damper, Tabouli & Tzatziki
Vegetarian Option – Chickpea Curry

Afternoon Tea

Nutrition Program at Young Academics
Watermelon Pizza

Late Snack

Nutrition Program at Young Academics
Yoghurt Parfait
Nutrition Program
Nutrition in our centres

In addition to providing fresh healthy meals and refreshments to complement your child’s physical movement activities, during a typical day at Young Academics we also encourage children to develop self-help skills, including:

  • Communication of bodily needs such as thirst and hunger
  • Self-serving at mealtimes
  • Helping themselves to water throughout the day to assist in healthy habit-building
  • Showing children how to clean up after themselves including scraping their bowls and placing clean bowls and cutlery in designated areas
  • Practicing good hygiene pre and post mealtime

Complementing our Nutrition Program, some of our centres also feature herb and vegetable gardens where children are taught about the seasons and how food is grown, harvested and prepared for meals.

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