Teamwork at Home: Lessons from NRL Bulldogs on Strong Family Bonds

Bulldogs Young Academics Halftime

Juggling professional commitments and family life is a common challenge amongst most families. Each member of a family plays a unique role in the functioning and structure of a family unit. As in a team sport, every member has a role to play, function and responsibilities. Positive family relationships are built on communication, quality time, teamwork and appreciation. Along with the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, known for their teamwork on and off the field, we are demonstrating the importance of both unity and collaboration in the home.   


Define Roles & Responsibilities  

In rugby league every player has a specific role and responsibility on the field. Similarly, at home assigning responsibilities and roles can help in creating a more organised and smoother running household. Not only does this provide a sense of accountability amongst family members but also ensures that tasks are being completed. For younger children, perhaps consider a family chore chart or visual schedule that outlines each members responsibilities. This not only lightens the load but reinforces the idea that each family member plays a crucial role in maintaining the home environment.  


Support Each other  

Encourage a supportive environment at home through celebrating achievements and milestones. At the Bulldogs, players rally around each other during both wins and defeats in the game. The strength of their support system is evident in their resilience as a team. Translating this lesson to family life means being there for each other during the highs and lows of life.  


Quality Time  

Set aside regular family activities and outings where everyone can unwind, relax and spend time enjoying each other’s company. This could be a picnic in the local park, a movie night at home or a simple family dinner. Even with their busy training schedule, the Bulldogs players understand the significance of spending quality time together off the field as this can lead to better communication, increased trust and a positive team culture.  



Just as effective and crucial communication is on and off the NRL field, it is equally important within a family unit. The Bulldogs emphasise and prioritise clear and open lines of communication to ensure each team member is on the same page. Similarly, in a family setting, expressing feelings, concerns and thoughts openly fosters an environment of understanding ensuring everyone feels valued and heard.  

To implement the above at home, we recommend establishing regular family meetings where everyone has the opportunity to discuss events, challenges and just share their experiences. Just as the Bulldogs strategise together for success, the family unit should strive for the same, as teamwork is a crucial skill that children can acquire at an early age.