Adapting Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Coaching Principles for Parenting Success

Adapting Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Coaching Principles for Parenting Success

Parenting like coaching is a rewarding yet often challenging journey that requires dedication, patience and resilience. Where sports may seem like an entirely different realm to parenting, there are unparalleled connections that can be beneficial for parents to implement within their own parenting styles. Below, we will be exploring how the Canterbury-Bankstown Coach Cameron Ciraldo employs techniques that can be adapted by parents to support children’s holistic development.  


Building & Fostering Strong Relationships  

The foundation of any coaching and/or parenting relationship is built upon mutual trust and respect. As a parent you are a guiding force where your child trusts your direction. Similarly in sport, coaches require their athlete’s trust to guide them towards success. Cameron Ciraldo builds solid foundations with his players through carefully listening, showing empathy and being consistent in his approach as a coach. Where team sports require collaboration and teamwork, the same principles apply in family dynamics. Involve children in household responsibilities, group activities and making decisions.  


Setting Clear Goals & Expectations  

At the Bulldogs Cameron and his training team, work with players to establish on and off field goals, identifying plans for performance improvement. As a parent you can foster a similar approach through setting goals based on academics, social, emotional or personal focus areas with a plan on how to achieve these. By setting goals together, you are not only bonding but also setting your child up for success.  



Communication is fundamental in all relationships whether this be coaching or parenting. Coach Ciraldo emphasises the importance of transparent communication in providing feedback, conveying strategies and inspiring players.  Similarly, in parenting scenarios communication is crucial in building trust and establishing the parent-child bond. Communicate openly with your child, actively listen and be clear and consistent with your tone. In providing feedback, Ciraldo emphasises the importance of this being presented in a constructive and positive manner, highlighting both strengths and areas for improvement. 


Balancing Structure & Flexibility  

Often a challenge with parenting as children grow is allowing freedom with the balance of having guidelines and rules in place. This is something Cameron Ciraldo often too experiences in his role. Cameron works to strike a balance between flexibility and guidelines on the field as he wants to enable players to also have the opportunity for adaption and creativity in their performance. As parents, we typically have set routines and schedules that more often than not change due to circumstances. The balance between routines and flexibility still promotes stability and a sense of security whilst also enabling children’s autonomy and independence.  


Building Resilience  

Within Ciraldo’s coaching philosophy lies resilience as he teaches players to bounce back from setbacks and failures. He is big on promoting a growth mindset which can be translated into a family environment where children need to be reminded that effort is more important than outcomes. This enables children to then navigate life’s ups and downs with confidence.  Ciraldo states that children need to be encouraged to overcome challenges, not give up, learn from mistakes and persist in the face of adversity.  


Leading by Example  

Cameron Ciraldo stands as a role model for the Bulldogs players, demonstrating professionalism on and off the field, integrity, teamwork and discipline. Parents similarly must demonstrate such qualities with children modelling kindness, positive behaviour and resilience. Recognition and praise for efforts reinforces positive behaviour and boosts self-esteem whether this is through a good grade, a developmental milestone or in the case of the Bulldogs a winning game, acknowledging and celebrating these moments fosters a supportive and encouraging home environment. 


By incorporating these Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs-inspired coaching techniques into parenting you can help your child reach their full potential and thrive. Just as a team is often a reflection of the effectiveness of a coach, successful parenting is a testament to principles of love and dedication.