Kickstarting a Love for Learning: NRL-Inspired Educational Activities for Children

Kickstarting a Love for Learning: NRL-Inspired Educational Activities for Children

Instilling a love for learning has never been more critical. Whilst traditional educational methods are important, integrating engaging and fun experiences can significantly enhance a child’s enthusiasm for learning. One avenue of doing this is to incorporate sports into education. Below, we will explore how NRL inspired educational activities can foster lifelong learning making it an enjoyable experience for both parents and children alike.  



For young children keeping score in a game is a great introduction to mathematics. Familiarise your children to basic mathematical concepts such as division, multiplication, subtraction and addition through team scores, percentages based on game statistics and calculating player averages. The football field is also divided into sections where children can learn about fractions in real time. You can talk about what angle the player needs to kick the ball or different shapes seen on the field. 



Inspire children’s literacy abilities through encouraging children to read and write about their favourite NRL player’s biography. Whilst watching an NRL game children can write their very own commentary about the game and what they are watching. Encourage the reading of books that are related to your child’s favourite sport that discuss and highlight important themes such as resilience, teamwork and cooperation.  



Sports have many links to Geography, as weather and environmental conditions often affect sporting events. Start by exploring all the teams in the NRL, their home grounds and where they are based in Australia. Encourage further research and exploration of these areas including local artifacts, landmarks and climate.  



Sport is an ideal way to introduce children to the concept of STEM. Children can explore how different sizes and styles of ball affect player performance and introduce them to concepts including aerodynamics, motion and friction. This is also a great opportunity to start discussions about anatomy within our bodies and how nutrition assists with performance.  


Creative Arts  

Explore how the different jerseys in the NRL reflect each team, their vision, mission, identity and culture. To further encourage creativity and imagination, ask children to design their very own NRL jersey introducing them to concepts of graphic design and colour theory.  


Children often have an innate curiosity to learn, discover and explore. To continue fostering this, turn education into lessons based on their interests where core concepts are still remain. By leveraging the excitement of the NRL, you can create meaningful learning opportunities through everyday experiences that resonate specifically with your child.  


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