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2022 Re-enrolment

Dear Families,

It is that time of year again, where we start planning for 2022. Please complete the form below per child.

This form is compulsory to complete whether you are continuing or cancelling enrolment in 2022. Please complete no later than Friday the 6th of August 2021.

Child Details
Full Name

Date of Birth

Child Attendance
Young Academics Centre your child attends

Room child booked in

School Leaver
Is your child going to primary school in 2022?

What school will your child be attending?

What date will your child cease care at Young Academics?

Requested Bookings for 2022
*** Please note, in line with our Fee & Booking Policy, we require a minimun 2 day booking, which needs to include a Monday or Friday.
Do you wish to continue your enrolment in 2022?

What date will your child cease care at Young Academics?

Do you wish for your current booking to remain the same in 2022?

If NO, please tick the days you wish to request for in 2022
2022 Booking

Date change request

Planned Family Holidays for Christmas Period
Are you planning Holidays for the December 2021 - January 2022 period?

Please provide dates


New Sibling to Enrol for 2022
Do you have a new child to enrol into our centre for 2022?

Child Details
Full Name

Date of Birth

Booking Requested
2022 Booking
Please provide commencment date

Please note, all sibling enrolments for 2022 will be placed on our waitlist. However, they will be given first priority for any available positions that we can offer closer to the time of the expected start date.

Terms and Conditions
  • Completing this form does not guarantee these changes automatically. A member of the Young Academics Enrolments Team will be in contact to confirm your change via email
  • A 6-week notice period is required to alter any changes between the months of October 2021 and February 2022
  • Our Centres remain open during the Christmas period and are only closed for Public Holidays. Please note: Child Care fees are payable for all public holidays
  • With the exception of the following locations - Marsden Park, Riverstone, Schofields (Alex Ave) and Woodcroft, these 4 locations will be closed for 2 weeks from 27th of December 2021 to 7th of January 2022 (inclusive).
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