Our Educators

At Young Academics, we know the importance of having a skilled and passionate team. After all, they’re responsible for guiding children and their development.

As a family-owned and operated business, we personally select, screen and interview our staff for every Young Academics centre. This is to ensure that your child is given the best start in life through highly supportive and knowledgeable educators. Once they join the Young Academics family, our staff also receive ongoing development and training in our philosophy, programs and curriculum.

Our educators are responsible for organising, planning and facilitating child learning, which is why we invest in the best in the industry. Our passionate team take the time to get to know your child, supporting every phase of their development through our meaningful programs, facilities and resources. In addition, our team are always in contact with families, allowing you to feel involved with your child’s day-to-day experiences at Young Academics. Whether through Kinderloop or in person, our specialised staff want you to see how we facilitate learning every single day.

learning at young academics
learning at young academics
Our Curriculum

At Young Academics, our programs and curriculum represent a holistic approach to learning that meets the needs of every child. Our curriculum is child-centred and is underpinned by play-based learning, while simultaneously drawing on key theories of early education. We feel this is the best approach to honour individual abilities and address different learning styles.

Through our curriculum, children learn how to be responsible for their emotions, their actions and, in time, their growth. Every activity in our exclusive Evolution (0-4 years) and Transition to School (4-5 years) programs paves the way for exploration and enquiry. By taking into consideration your child’s interests and choices, our curriculum helps them discover a lifelong love of learning.

Our curriculum has been devised in alignment with the National Quality Framework and aims to:
Stimulate curiosity and critical thinking in the classroom
Promote positive learning through engaging activities
Empower child independence through intentional teaching
Honour individual talents and abilities in each child
Assess, review and address various learning styles and abilities
Encourage cooperation, peer work and team spirit daily
Our Environments

Each of our centres provides a nurturing and stimulating space for children. Each room and area aims to encourage curiosity, inquiry, discovery and critical thinking, reflecting the lives of children as they grow.

The materials we use are all selected to support children’s learning, interests and skills. They’re rich in variety, to challenge and stimulate your child, regardless of their age or ability. Alongside instructional activity, children can understand simple literacy and numeracy concepts through environments that are intentionally designed to enhance problem-solving and critical thinking. Each centre includes learning resources such as blocks, puzzles, science discovery, reading, music, art, dramatic play, sensory and sand and water spaces. All of these resources promote social interaction and encourage self-exploration among children.

Our facilities extend learning to the outdoors, where meaningful play experiences can make way for exploration, interaction and learning in an outdoor environment. Each of our centres is equipped to support outdoor adventures that create meaningful learning opportunities in a range of contexts. At Young Academics, your child can run, dance, explore, create, discover and much more! Our outdoor resources, such as sandpits, bike tracks and water areas, allow children to explore their environment safely, while simultaneously improving their physical health and gaining self-confidence.

learning at young academics
Our programs
evolution program

The first two years of life are crucial. Our tailored Evolution program is specifically designed to kickstart your child’s lifelong journey of learning.

nutrition programs

Every centre has an in-house chef who prepares meals and snacks devised by our Young Academics dietitian. With a healthy mind and body, your child can concentrate, cooperate and learn.

transition to school program

Preparing for school extends far beyond literacy and numeracy. Our Transition to School program encourages your child’s independence and school readiness