YA Elderslie Finalist in Australian Small Business Champion Awards

preshcool centre Smeaton Grange

Young Academics is pleased to announce our Elderslie centre has been selected as a Finalist in this year’s awards. The comprehensive program recognises Australian businesses who have set incredible benchmarks across measures of performance, innovation, service, leadership and commitment.

Our Elderslie centre offers two levels of state-of-the-art rooms and resources, supporting the development of children from 6 weeks to 6 years old. The unique learning environment is fully equipped with facilities and technology that encourage childhood education, social interaction, sustainable measures and programs that were founded upon fostering progress.

In line with The Early Years Learning Framework, the notion of Learning Through Play is further emphasised through Elderslie’s interactive outdoor area. From the vegetable garden to the cubby house, each element was carefully created with facilitating a learning environment in mind.

The Award nomination marks a significant milestone for the early learning centre as it is a testament to the hard work and immense effort each Young Academics educator puts into their role. Further, it signifies to the Young Academics team the positive change we are making to the community we are a part of, through the involvement, reinforcement and testimonials of children and their families who attend or have attended the centre.

An exceptional advantage within all our centres is our comprehensive Evolution Program. Preparing our kids for the next level in their academic ranking, this program focuses on the core fundamentals of Wellbeing; Our World; Wellness; Creative, Core and Discovery; and Scholar.

Each of these are in accordance with Early Years Learning Framework learning outcomes, as we support and prepare kids for a seamless and simple transition from preschool to primary school.

Through the Young Academics values, we:

  • Uphold strong family values at the centre of what we do, ensuring we provide a home away from home
  • Stay proactive in our programs, activities and student involvement
  • Are professional through implementing best practice in all we do
  • Encourage transparency through strong communication with children, families, educators and the community

We look forward to Awards night and wish Elderslie the very best of luck.