The Role of Early Childcare Centres in Preparing for Life

Andrew Silva, 22 Feb 2019

Preparing your child for the ‘real world’ is no easy task. For a parent or caretaker, it is often filled with adversity, tears, stress, anger and even at times, much self-pondering.

It takes a village to raise a child” - African proverb

Early childcare centres in Australia have for the first time in contemporary history merged the following and embraced the phrase that ‘no two learners are alike:

  • Educational outcomes
  • Personal development
  • Welfare and well-being
  • Professional and skilled staff

Mix all four of these elements in a pot and you get an opportunity at preparing a child for the 21st century.

The percentage of children attending childcare centres in Australia is increasing as time progresses, proving testimony to the continual success of the childcare industry, increasing from 13.6% to 17.4% within the last 6 years. Make the decision to send your child to a childcare centre, a data informed one.  

The ‘Childcare Centre’ effect

The themes brought about in childcare centres, whether through play or song, are universal in more ways than one. Alike poetry or literature, the hands on, practical activities transcend there purpose and apply themselves towards establishing diversity in children; something that no book or educator can teach. This diversity is aimed at promoting contemporary understandings of day-to-day living, allowing the development of social interaction, cognitive improvement, emotional development and fine motor skills.

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” - Maya Angelou

When parents entrust their child in the hands of a childcare centre, they are surrounding their child with resources to assist in their educational and social development, providing a foundation for their personality. The facilities, programs and activities carefully selected and prepared by educators for the ages between 6 weeks and 6 months provide nothing less than quality and purpose.

Young Academics Early Learning Centres: The difference

Our Child Care facilities are built on the pretense that we welcome children into our home. In saying this, no decision is made without premeditation. All of our resources, equipment, programs, play-school activities, meals, staff and even our colour choices, have all taken into consideration the great possible outcome regarding your child’s development, making our childcare centres a haven for early learning.

All facilities and resources in our childcare centres are engineered with your child as paramount consideration. From colours used, to the activities implemented, to the meals served, all factors are premeditated and are selected with a specific intention; alike the artistic products of renowned artist Jackson Pollock, ‘there is no accident.’

Extending a warm welcome to you, from our family to yours. Call us now on 1300 668 993 to see how your child can be a part of the Young Academics family. 

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