Early Learning Matters Week: Scavenger Hunt

29 Jul 2021

What's better than a scavenger hunt? A scavenger hunt in nature!

Scavenger hunts are a great way to keep children busy during the day, while also allowing then to spend time outdoors, in a fun and creative way. Another key advantage is that you do not need to look for treasure, it's already there - like rocks, trees, flowers, sticks, tree bark, signs and more.

What you'll need:
  • A selection of images or a list of items, of things you would like to be found - these can be drawings, a list of words on a piece of paper, or any other form that you think suitable to mention the items players need to find in the scavenger hunt

  • Clipboard

  • Marking tool, like a pencil or crayon to tick off things as you find them

  • Talk about the items on the paper to your child/ren before going on your walk, so that they have an idea of what they are looking out for

  • Hand the clipboard and a pencil to your child/ren during the walk, so that they can mark them off as they find them

  • During your walk, encourage your child to look out for the different images and mark them off

  • Once all items are found, we have a winner!

We hope you enjoy this activity, and can't wait to share your findings with us. Feel free to send us images from the scavenger hunt, or upload to social media and tag #youngacademics. Happy searching!

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