Childcare Philosophy – Recognising, contributing and changing early learning

Andrew Silva, 08 Sep 2018

At Young Academics, we understand that philosophy encompasses the pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. Our childcare philosophy therefore encourages the systematic investigation and discovery of each and every one of our students’ personalities, through the lifelong pursuit of learning. Young Academics services are dedicated to implementing the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards to best serve your child’s learning process. Our early childhood teaching philosophy can be broken down into 3 principles:

Recognise. Contribute. Change.

Recognising a personal childcare philosophy:

At Young Academics, we often reflect on our practices to ensure that we are continuously recognising each child’s potential. Philosophy in itself denotes the idea of ‘problem solving.’ As educators, we continuously examine and verify child thinking, and build on our programs to ensure that ‘problem-solving’ is a well-refined skill, not a task. Despite the many urges of children to misunderstand learning, Young Academics personalise programs for individual learning as we recognise how each students’ understanding occurs and how it can be achieved in our learning programs. View our programs here to see how Young Academics caters best to your child’s learning.


Contributing to a personal childcare philosophy:

Educating young ones is no easy task. Contributing to their knowledge through various means, including through play-based learning, encourages students to best exhibit their strengths. Schooling is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that neither is learning. Young Academics incorporates individual approaches to learning through the personalisation of programs, in order to place paramount focus on individual strengths, skills and abilities, according to each child’s age, development and persona. Partnered with Early Years Learning Framework, Young Academics provides intentional teaching and scaffolding, contributing to a personalised childcare philosophy suitable to your child’s learning process, enhancing areas of growth development.

Inciting change as part of our childcare philosophy:

In a child-centred atmosphere, overflowing with facilities and resources, Young Academics provides the opportunity for children to master their strengths. Our vast array of activities and programs are a pathway for children to build self-esteem through a forum of exploration, responsibility and opportunity. We don’t aim to change your child, however, we pride ourselves on bringing about positive character building to ensure your child is ready for the 21st century, and ready to be the best version of themselves. All of our centres located in Sydney are built on the foundations of our childcare philosophy; to recognise, contribute and change. Young Academics work as a team, with you and your little one, with open communication, to help build on your child’s confidence, knowledge and independence. Click here, to find your nearest Young Academics Learning Centre.

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