What are Common Questions that Every Parent asks a Childcare Centre?

Andrew Silva, 11 Dec 2020

When selecting a childcare centre or attending an orientation, our centre team members are asked several questions by eager and concerned parents. This is expected as any decision you make regarding your little one is an important one. While some parents (especially those who have been through it before), know exactly what to ask, others do not. This is entirely understandable as the entire experience can be overwhelming. We know there are many questions that you'd like to ask. However, from our experience, there are a few common questions asked by parents that end up being the most important.

To help you acquire the most crucial information from a childcare centre team member, we've compiled a list of 5 questions that you should ask. These are common questions that we receive from parents and will undoubtedly make your decision much easier and your nerves, a lot calmer.

4 common questions parents should ask a childcare centre 

  1. How do you begin the enrolment process?

    This question is extremely common from every parent, and the answer differs slightly from centre to centre. Spots at childcare centres get taken extremely quickly, so you must know what the exact process is so that your child can quickly get on the centre's list. For Young Academics, you should take the following steps:

    1. Find your closest Young Academics centre at youngacademics.com.au.
    2. Contact the Enrolments team to determine availability and arrange a centre tour.
    3. Following the tour, the centre manager at your preferred centre can assist in completing the process to secure your spot.
    4. Attend an official orientation so that you and your child become familiar with their second home.
  2. Is this centre all-inclusive, and what are the operating hours?

    This is incredibly important for preparing yourself and the child for the centre. Different centres offer a variety of benefits, some of which may or may not affect your child, family and lifestyle. The availability of resources such as nappies and food are essential for a parent to ask about, especially if his or her child has food allergies. The centre's approach to food and care facilities for children is one that should not be taken lightly.

    The operating hours of the centre should be found out as well. This will majorly affect the suitability of the centre to your lifestyle. Relating to the question of the childcare centre's operating hours, ensure that you find out how flexible the centre can be with its opening and closing times.

  3. What kind of learning opportunities will my child have?

    While you'll be able to get the majority of this information from the centre's website, it's worth asking staff members as you'll be able to get a quick overview of their programs and potentially find out more details that aren't mentioned on the childcare centre's website. Look out for a centre that has programs that target different stages of learning, and that incorporates non-academic programs as well as this contributes to holistic education.

    For example, at Young Academics Early Learning Centre, our Evolution Program targets children from 0 to 4 years old, and our Transition to School Program targets 4 to 5-year old’s who are preparing for advanced learning. Each program is tailored to the developmental needs of its specific age group. Our Nutrition Program teaches all children about a healthy body and mind and how to concentrate, cooperate and learn.

  4. How do you communicate with families?

    Communication with you, the parent, is one of the most important things. Many centres have different methods for communicating such as via text, phone calls, email or mobile applications. For some parents, all options are suitable; however, depending on a parent's job or lifestyle, one may not be appropriate. From this question, you'll also be able to determine the commitment that a centre has to frequent and effective communication with parents - an essential feature for any parent and child's experience.

As you can see, these questions span several topics. They all represent important areas that should be further explored and discussed with a team member. Use these questions as a guide for finding the right centre for your family.

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