‘Preschool Near Me’ – The Search Battle Between Convenience and Quality

Andrew Silva, 18 Feb 2019

How often does the over-caring mother type in the Google search bar “child care near me” in the hopes of finding a childcare centre which is ‘just around the corner’ and also possesses all of the finest quality options a childcare can offer?

More than often, the battle between convenience and quality when searching for a childcare centre for your little one is intense. It is a task almost too heavy to complete hastily as the inner mother unleashes; unravelling an endless scroll of bullet-pointed criteria, waiting to be checked off one by one as you tediously select a ‘second home’ for your bub.

As a parent, filtering childcare options should be done so, with tedious precaution and detailed thought. Gone are the days where childcare was considered as ‘glorified babysitting.’ Today, education and childcare are under sitting under one umbrella. There is much more at stake than just ‘care,’ ‘meals,’ and ‘play-time’ for your little one.

Most childcare centres promise the world in terms of optimum learning and care for your child, which can often be overwhelming. In order to filter your options, here are a few tips which may assist you in making the right selection for your child’s first glimpse into early learning.

  1. Do your research: make a list of options

  2. Browse through websites: childcare centres who invest time and money into their marketing are more than likely to invest in most other things.

  3. Give each childcare centre a call: communicating with the centres is a great glimpse into the professionalism of the childcare

  4. If possible, organise a visit: seeing is believing and in this case it is crucial in determining whether you would like to leave your child in that centers’ care

  5. Probe their programs: potentially one of the largest factors you should consider making a selection. Ask about their programs, look at their resources, observe their spaces and interact with their teachers. These are the largest indicator of quality childcares.

Preschool learning activities: are they important?

Traditional learning is now replaced with 21st century learning which aims to include the scope of technology and the freedom of creative thinking. Activities which focus on personality, uniqueness, curiosity, and creativity are more than likely to optimise your child’s growth and learning. Looking for programs, such as ‘school play,’ are an open door for children to refine motor and cognitive skills, instilling confidence, independance and thinking.

The Young Academic difference: where learning and quality meet

Young Academics focuses on a philosophy that recognises the individual strengths of children when learning and growing. Abstract thinking is our motive and through our resources, programs, staff and facilities, we optimise preschool learning, and combine quality and teaching through merging such concepts which bring about 21st century thinkers, innovators and leaders.

We forgot step 6...

  1. Follow your instinct: As a parent, you know what is best and appreciating a centre because of certain qualities means that you will be at ease when you are absent from your child. Your instinct will tell you to call us - 1300 668 993.

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