How to keep your child intellectually stimulated while learning from home

Andrew Silva, 01 Apr 2020
In light of the challenging times we are currently facing in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, parents/guardians are faced with the important decision to continue to send their children to childcare, or to homeschool. No matter what the decision is, it is essential that children remain intellectually stimulated, interested, occupied and learn at least one new thing every day where possible. Early childhood education is essential for every child, as the early years of their life are the most crucial for developing vital skills which they will continue to cultivate as they progress into different stages of their life. Here are some helpful tips:
1 - Draw up a visual plan
Children love visuals. When you draw up a daily plan they are more likely to stick to it, as opposed to not having one. A plan helps children to organise themselves and plan for each activity, both physically and mentally
2 - Try to commit to a daily routine
Ask your child’s educators what they are up to in regards to learning letters of the alphabet or numbers and pick up from where they left off. Keeping them in routine is essential for their continual growth in all aspects of their learning
3 - Give your child the option to choose
Choice is important. Giving your child the option to choose their preferred activity will allow them to develop areas they are more confident in and will help you to see any areas of weakness or may need a little improving. Choice also gives each child a sense of independence
4 - Be creative with what you have at home
It’s not necessary to go out and buy expensive things that you think you will need for your child’s learning. Children love simplicity, be creative with whatever you have at home, whether it’s doing arts and crafts with the leaves in your back yard or using scrap paper, it’s amazing how much you can do with things that are easily accessible at home
5 - Explore the internet for more ideas or free resources
If you are stuck on what activities to do next, search for free resources online or ideas of what you can do at home without having to go out and buy materials
6 - Give your child free time to explore
Free time allows them to explore the world around them, take them outside or to different parts of the house and let them discover things for themselves. This helps them to be more attentive and more likely to absorb different ideas when it comes to learning. These simple ideas suggested by our Educators will help brighten and bring value to the at-home experience, if choosing to homeschool. For families of Young Academics, our team is always ready to assist in the best way possible. For advice or to clarify any further questions, feel free to speak with your Centre Manager at your local Young Academics centre.    

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