Essential items you should pack for your child before they attend childcare

Charlotte Thompson, 09 Dec 2019

Is it time to send your little one off to daycare? This is a very exciting and nerve-wracking time for both parents and children. Similar to school kids buying their school supplies for the upcoming year, pre-schoolers also need a list of things that will help them remain comfortable and delighted throughout the day.

There are many childcare essentials that you need to make sure your child has before they attend their first day. However, this will vary depending on the age of your child as well as the childcare provider.

Some childcare centres offer children with the basics such as nappies, wipes and snacks, while others require you to pack all of these essentials yourself. In saying that there are a few daycare essentials that every little star needs.

Daycare essential #1: Backpack

A backpack is a must-have for all children attending childcare, allowing them to transport everything they need. Choosing a backpack can be very exciting for children as they can select the style they want. A great idea is to personalise their bag with their name. It is noteworthy you choose a bag that is practical, fun and easily identifiable for your child. A backpack also teaches children to be responsible for their belongings as well as take care of packing their daycare essentials every morning before they start their day.

Daycare essential #2: Sunhat

A sunhat is another essential item that must be accounted for - especially in Australia where the sun and UV rays are extremely powerful! This is crucial if you want your child to join in with the outdoor activities. Some childcare centres provide children with sunhats. However, if this is not the case, we recommend selecting a bucket style hat that will shield their face from the sun.

Daycare essential #3: Change of clothes

Children have accidents all the time. Whether it is a spill or potty drama, these incidents will occur many times throughout the day at childcare centres. To make everyone's life easier, you must pack at least two or three changes of clothes that are seasonally appropriate. This will alleviate the stress and hassle of having to pick up your child from daycare if there has been an incident. We also recommend labelling their clothing, so you don't end up losing their items!

Daycare essential #4: Comfort toy/blanket

Attending childcare is a massive step for children and a simple item such as a comfort toy or blanket can give them a sense of security and relief.

Daycare essential #5: Bottles

Pick out your child’s favourite bottle and make sure to pack it with them in their backpack. This should be labelled to prevent them from losing it or using anyone else’s bottle. Children usually love drinking out of their own water bottle, which is why we recommend packing their own. It is also a great way of encouraging their daily water intake.

Babies daycare essentials: items you must make sure your little one has

Babies childcare essentials will be very different when compared to toddlers and infants. It can be very overwhelming to know that your little baby is going to be spending time away from you. This is why it is crucial to make sure your baby has everything they need to ensure a comfortable childcare experience.

  • Crib sheets, blankets and swaddles: some childcare centres may ask you to provide your sleeping materials for your baby. However, even if it is not a requirement, packing their own blankets and sheets is a great way of helping your child feel at home, making them more relaxed and at ease!
  • Creams, nappies and wipes: most daycare centres provide these within their package. However, if your child has special needs or sensitive skin, we recommend packing particular supplies that will work with their skin type. 
  • Spare clothing: babies will also need extra clothing in an even of a toilet emergency. It is also great to back scarves, jackets, beanies or T-shirts in case of a change in weather. This will provide childcare educators with the convenience of changing children in any given situations. 
  • Food and milk: packing clearly labelled bottles with your chosen milk product is essential. Especially if your little one requires a special formula. Ensure you check with your daycare to see how they would prefer you to pack the milk. Other items such as sippy cups and cutlery are good to pack. 
  • Burp cloths and bibs: you can never have enough burp cloths/bibs! Stock some extra bibs that can be kept at daycare. This will save yourself the hassle of trying to scrub off dried food off their new clothing!

Young Academics provides all the necessities for your child! However, we do recommend bringing items such as water bottles, formula and a spare change of clothing. We also would love if you label your items clearly! We also provide children with five nutritious meals throughout the day, which means you are not required to pack any food! We have you covered.

Join the YA family today and chat with our friendly staff for more information on 1300 668 993!

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