Easy at-home fun: Alphabet Hide & Seek

Charlotte Thompson, 04 Aug 2021
The hide & seek letter hunt is a fun way to learn the A-B-C's while encouraging children to foster their curiosity and inquisition.
How to play:
  1. Print out letters in a large, bold font, and safely trim around them so that they are all individual pieces. While doing so, ask your child to identify the letters, and even colours if any
  2. Ask your child/ren to leave the room while you hide the letters - remember to be creative, you can use Blu Tack to stick them on cupboards, shelves, windows, and even on toys
  3. In a given timeframe, children must find as many letters as they can
  4. Together, go through all the letters and identify how many are remaining
You can even go a step further, and together, list as many words as possible that start with each letter.

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