7 Unique Benefits of Early Childhood Education

Charlotte Thompson, 04 May 2020

Giving your child a head start in life is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Early learning centres do a fantastic job of ensuring that children get an education that focuses on their cognitive, emotional and social needs in life. It is here that children develop skills and interests that they will use throughout their lives.

Why are these benefits specific to early learning centres?

Early learning centres are special because in most cases, it is the second most familiar place for your child. A lot of events in your child’s life will happen at their early learning centre, making it a prime place for the development of basic life skills. Here are a few reasons why these benefits are specific to early learning centres.

  • An early learning centre is a key place for social interaction among children. Apart from dealing with adults other than you, the parents, your child will also learn to interact with children of a similar age.

  • You and other familiar family members are not present at the early learning centre. For some children, entry into an early learning centre is their first taste of separation from their parents. It is this unique experience that makes it perfect for developing emotional and physical independence.

  • At your child’s tender age, they are learning sponges. Early learning centres are uniquely qualified to ensure that children soak up as much education as possible.

With the power to shape your child’s future for the better, you must understand all of the benefits of early childhood education.

1. Emotional resilience

Early learning centres hold a host of challenges for children. There are many variables: new people, other children, new activities, unfamiliar environments and more. Learning how to deal with this from a young age can help to develop emotional resilience in little ones and avoid mental health issues later on in life.

2. Independence

For many children, an early learning centre is the first place that they experience separation from their mums and dads. Learning how to deal with the anxiety that comes from leaving a place of comfort, in addition to performing tasks at the early learning centre without their parents will develop independence early on in a child.

3. Critical thinking, literacy and numeracy skills

Young Academics incorporates activities such as trial and error tactical play, intentional play and more to develop crucial critical thinking, literacy and numeracy skills. The resources available coupled with the expertise of our carers ensure that your child is skilled in the necessary areas.

4. Love of learning

Inspiring a love of learning is key to not only a successful child but a successful adult. Carers at early learning centres develop fun and exciting ways to learn in order to keep the focus of children and inspire their minds. When the love of learning starts young, it flourishes in adulthood.

5. Social skills

Centres give your child the opportunity to develop social skills, helping them to form healthy relationships later on in life. Your child will learn to share toys, play games, communicate with and listen to other children around their age as well as with adults who aren’t their parents. The Young Academics Core Program focuses heavily on this in the baby, toddler and preschool stage. These experiences teach your child about their identity in relationships and how to form relationships and bond with others from an early age.

6. Improve focus ability

Learning to focus on education, activities and even games will teach your child to focus on tasks from an early age. Additionally, carers know how to nurture children according to developmental age, a key characteristic in effectively teaching a child to focus, learn and comprehend. These skills are key for succeeding in later education and make the transition to school much easier.

7. Exposure to diverse children

At childcare centres, your child will meet a variety of children, from different backgrounds and with different personalities. This will give them the unique experience of knowing how to approach and communicate with people who are different from people in their own household. It increases social intelligence and develops tolerance and acceptance of different beliefs, ethnicities and cultures.

At Young Academics, we believe that these varied skills all contribute to developing well-rounded leaders of tomorrow. Don’t let your child miss out on the opportunity to nurture their potential. For more information about Young Academics. Contact us today on 1300 668 993.

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