Young Academics partners with The Lifestyle Dietitian to build healthy eating habits in children

24 Jan 2021

Young Academics partners with The Lifestyle Dietitian to build healthy eating habits in children

Nutritionist reveals 80% of children not eating vegetables needed for growth & development

SYDNEY, 24 November 2021: Young Academics is excited to announce their new partnership with accredited practicing dietitian, Michelle Theodosi from The Lifestyle Dietitian. Young Academics chose to partner with The Lifestyle Dietitian to help the children under their care reach their full potential through the provision of good nutrition, positive mealtime experiences and empowering and educating their families on how to build happy healthy eater. “At Young Academics, we understand our early learning environments play a pivotal role in exposing children to a variety of nourishing foods to promote healthy eating habits for life, and we realise how critical the first five years of life are to establishing these behaviours. We’re partnering with Michelle to provide the best possible fuel for the growth and development of children attending Young Academics Early Learning Centres, and to share that knowledge with their families,” explains James Kazzi, Managing Director. As part of the partnership, Michelle will develop two new four-week rotating menus for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, each featuring five nutritious meals and snacks featuring vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, chicken, and dairy products, as well as alternative recipe card sets to cater for cultural considerations and common allergies. “While early learning centre menus must provide a minimum of 50% of the recommended dietary intake of all nutrients to meet National Quality Standards, the curated menus Michelle is creating exclusively for Young Academics will meet almost 100% of each child’s daily dietary needs, which is something we’ve able to do by taking a bespoke approach and bringing external experts on board,” says James Kazzi, Managing Director. Throughout the partnership, Young Academics’ families will have access to Michelle and her team at The Lifestyle Dietitian through a range of in-centre workshops, nutrition education seminars and blog articles offering practical advice for common challenges, such as managing picky eaters. “Michelle will conduct training with our in-house cooks, as well as hands-on workshops for families and cooking classes for children to help our communities prepare healthy meals at home to complement the nutritious meals offered at each of our Early Learning Centres. And, for families of children with unique allergies, Michelle will offer customised training and recipe advice for our on-site cooking staff,” said James Kazzi, Managing Director. Commenting on the partnership, Michelle says: “When it comes to children under 12, more than 80% aren’t meeting the current guidelines for vegetable intake, with 40% eating less than the recommended amount of fruit.  And it doesn’t improve with age, with 95% of adults still not eating enough vegetables.   “By creating a routine, introducing a wide range of foods, and getting children to eat in a social setting, the early education environment helps model good eating behaviour, which is key to creating a positive relationship with food from an early age. “Families and educators share the responsibility for establishing good eating habits, and I can’t wait to work with Young Academics in-house cooks, and to run workshops and cooking classes for families and children to make healthy eating as fun and fuss-free as possible.”   About Michelle Theodosi, The Lifestyle Dietitian Michelle Theodosi is an experienced accredited practicing dietitian and founder of The Lifestyle Dietitian. Michelle understands the importance of the first five years in developing the foundations of lifelong healthy eating habits and is passionate about supporting families to live happier healthier lives through nutrition and a positive relationship with food.   Michelle has earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc) with a double major in Psychology and Human Physiology, and a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics (MND) from the University of Sydney. Her combined qualifications across dietetics and psychology enable her to take a scientific yet practical approach to nutrition which she delivers in a way that is easy to understand and apply. About Young Academics Established as a family-owned business in 2009, Young Academics Early Learning Centres emphasise education, learning and individuality. Our vision is to provide Australian families with a service that approaches these attributes dynamically and holistically.   Our name, Young Academics, is no coincidence. It reflects our belief that early learning is integral to children’s early years and sets the foundation for positive lifelong social, physical and academic benefits. Our expert team has developed a curriculum and a set of programs that focus on individual understandings of identity, concepts and ideas. Our goal is to ensure that learning and development remain synonymous and that the quality of our education is of the highest calibre.   See our feature in

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