5 Considerations When Choosing The Right Daycare Centre for Your Child!

Charlotte Thompson, 21 Feb 2020

The time has come for you to send your precious little one to childcare. With thousands of options out there, how do you know which one is going to be the best? Every parent wants what is best for their child and choosing the right daycare centre is one of them! Before you make your decision, you should weigh out all the different options when it comes to selecting the perfect daycare for your child.

“Child care and early childhood education hold a key place in the wellbeing of families and their local communities. They provide key opportunities for children's development and social engagement, and for enabling families to engage fully in the labour market, each of which is important in contributing to stronger families” - Australian Institute of Family Studies

Children need to be in an environment that is empowering, nurturing, comfortable and safe! For this reason, when choosing the right daycare centre for your little one, the decision must be in their best interest.

We understand sending your child to a daycare centre after being at home is a big step. It is a major change for both yourself and your child. The key objective is to ensure a seamless transition from their home life to daycare. This is why at Young Academics Early Learning Centre, we pride ourselves on being a "home away from home".

So how do you know you are choosing the right daycare centre for your child?

“Studies suggest that children who attend better quality child care during the preschool years demonstrate better cognitive and social skills during this time period, after accounting for differences in family background characteristics that are also related to children’s development.” - Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development

We are going to outline some of the key considerations you should take into account when searching for the right childcare centre.

Educational programs

Making sure your little once is in an environment where they can thrive is crucial. You want to make sure the daycare you select has a strong centre curriculum and is going to be teaching your child important life-long lessons. At Young Academics, we have a skilled and passionate team who plans, organises and facilitates children’s learning, holistically. The team makes sure to get to know your child and supports them at each phase of their development through our meaningful programs, facilities and resources. Our programs and curriculum represent an extensive approach to learning that meets the needs of every child. Our programs are underpinned by play-based learning and draw upon key theories of early education. The Young Academics curriculum has been devised in alignment with the National Quality Framework aims to:

  • Stimulate curiosity and critical thinking in the classroom
  • Promote positive learning through engaging activities
  • Empower child independence through intentional teaching
  • Honour individual talents and abilities in each child
  • Assess different learning styles
  • Encourage cooperation, peer work and team spirit
Nurturing environment

Making sure the environment your child is in is nurturing and safe is one of the most important considerations, as they are going to be in this space for long hours and days. Children should feel empowered in the environment they are in, and should be able to develop a trusting and respectful relationship with educators and peers.

At Young Academics, each of our centres provides a nurturing and stimulating space for children. Each room is specifically designed to encourage curiosity, discovery and critical thinking. From the materials we use to the learning resources we have, our environments are designed to enhance a child’s learning experience. We also focus on extending our learning to outdoor areas where children can learn, explore and discover their senses.


The daycare centre you choose for your child should also be convenient for you to attend. The location should be close to home or work to ensure you can effectively organise your daily routine with convenience. For added support, you can choose a long daycare centre which will provide you with the flexibility to work around your busy schedule. Young Academics has a network of daycare centres across the following major regions:

  • Greater Western Sydney
  • Inner West Sydney
  • Macarthur Region
  • North West Sydney
  • Western Sydney
Healthy lifestyle

Childcare centres should also incorporate healthy eating and physical activities in their education programs. This helps children learn the importance of healthy eating and establishes a frequent exercise routine for them. At Young Academics, we provide children with nutritional meals and snacks and make sure children engage in physical activity daily.

Easy and open communication

High-quality early learning centres should also make sure they are communicating with parents and caretakers. Ensuring they are updated on their child’s learning and other milestones achieved throughout the day allows them to stay in the loop. At Young Academics, we make sure you stay connected with your child throughout the day through Kinderloop. This application is a safe, secure and private way to catch a glimpse of the day-to-day running of our centre. You can also ask questions, comment and create a meaningful relationship with educators through the application.

The importance of selecting good childcare will give your child long-term benefits. If you are in search of high quality, safe, clean and nurturing childcare with state-of-the-art facilities and quality educational programs - choose Young Academics. We are here for your child.

Contact us today on 1300 668 993.


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