Top 5 Facilities at our Cranebrook Early Learning Centre in Sydney

05 Mar 2021

Over the years, Young Academics has expanded across New South Wales. Our Cranebrook Early Learning Centre opened its doors in October 2018 and has since welcomed numerous children who have become a part of our family. Our educators are trained and qualified to care for and educate children from 6 weeks to 6 years. Like all of our other Young Academics centres, we have included unique facilities and high-quality resources at our Cranebrook centre, so that children, regardless of their age or learning style, can feel comfortable and safe, and benefit from our educational opportunities.

Our Cranebrook preschool was developed with children and parents in mind.

We know that children respond best at a childcare centre where they feel safe, confident and are comfortable with the children, as well as the educators. At our centres, we want children to feel like they are at a home away from home.

We understand how important it is that your children have everything they need at the centre. Rest assured that at our Cranebrook preschool, your child will have everything they need to spend their time safely and comfortably. If ever you are concerned about your child, you'll always be able to contact one of the educators.

5 top facilities at our Cranebrook Early Learning Centre in Sydney

  1. Dedicated learning spaces

    One of the priorities for our preschool is to foster and encourage learning for children of all ages and learning styles. For this, we have dedicated learning spaces that are filled with stimulating resources and materials that promote exploration and play-based learning.

    In keeping with our tailored programs, our learning spaces promote play-based and exploratory learning. There are designated areas for art, music, reading and drama. Each area is accompanied by the necessary age-appropriate materials, ensuring that children can fully immerse themselves in the activity.

    Additionally, there are resources for building motor skills in our learning spaces, including a sandpit, musical instruments and painting materials. Sensory play activities are incredibly important for fostering a child’s fine motor skills and enhancing their memory development.

  2. Outdoor play areas

    Our outdoor play areas were created so that children can safely explore their natural environment. At our Cranebrook preschool, we installed a sandpit, bike track and garden so that children, regardless of their interests, would be inclined to play and explore.

    Encouraging a child to explore their outdoor area is beneficial because it helps to appreciate their natural surroundings, develop positive behavioural skills and improve their motor skills.

    Please note that children are only allowed to utilise these areas under the supervision of an educator.

  3. Age-appropriate learning resources

    At different ages, the way children learn and develop changes, even with an age difference as small as one year. To accommodate the span of ages at our centre, we’ve included a number of different learning resources, so that every child, regardless of their age has an equal opportunity to learn, grow and develop.

    Our educators are also trained to teach and nurture children in all facets of development and learning  (social, physical, emotional and cognitive). We recognise that babies and toddlers have different learning and developmental needs of young children. Our Evolution Program and Transition to School Program target these needs, ensuring that children are taught according to the milestones they must achieve and their needs.

  4. Communal spaces

    During their time at our early learning centre, children begin to socially develop. At our Cranebrook centre, we foster this development through our communal spaces where children of varying age groups can interact with each other. Through this interaction, children begin to discover their own personalities and learn what others expect from them.

    For children with younger or older siblings at the centre, the communal space offers them a chance to play together. This gives children who are nervous about being at the centre, a chance to find comfort and security in their siblings.

  5. Safe and convenient access

    Throughout our centre, we have made the majority of our features and facilities accessible to children. Our toilets and sinks are at an appropriate height for children, allowing them to be comfortable and secure at our centre, but to also develop independence with some tasks.

    Our Cranebrook centre is the perfect example of Young Academics’ commitment to the education, development and nurturing of your children. With these facilities and resources, we are proud to offer a home away from home for your child. To book a tour or enquire about this centre, contact our team.

Need a centre closer to home? Find your nearest location here, and our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly.

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