Top 10 Questions Every Parent Should Ask When Touring a Childcare Centre

Everything you need to ask before making your decision

When it comes to choosing the right childcare centre for your child, there are a lot of considerations you need to keep in mind. We know that the choice isn’t one that parents take lightly, but we’ve tried to make the selection process as simple as possible.

This is our comprehensive guide on the types of questions you should be asking childcare centres before you make your decision. 

Take the stress out of choosing a childcare centre and find a space your child will love by asking these 10 simple questions next time you tour a childcare facility.

1. What are your core values?

When it comes to the number one question you should be asking childcare centres, it’s all about the core values. Your child will be spending a lot of their time at their childcare facility and you want to ensure that you choose a space that has values that align with yours.

Ask about how the centre puts their values into practice every day, if their core values are based around respect and empowerment, enquire as to how that looks for the children that attend that centre.

2. What is your approach to learning?

When it comes to choosing a childcare centre, you really want to find out about the approach to learning. Whether you’re looking for a centre that prioritises play-based-learning or you’re on the hunt for something with a more structured curriculum, it’s crucial that you ask about the overall approach to learning at the centre.

Does the centre use play-based-learning, direct teaching, project-based learning or a more blended approach? These approaches to learning can help guide your decision as you will know which method works best for your child and for your family!

3. How do you communicate with parents?

Communication is key, especially when it comes to your children. You want to ensure that you’re not being kept in the dark about your child’s day to day activities whilst they’re at childcare. When you tour a childcare centre, try to gauge both the formal and informal ways they communicate with parents

Is there an app for you to get updates on your child? Are there designated educators you can go to with any concerns? Finding a childcare centre that prioritises great communication should be a key consideration when you’re touring different facilities. 

4. How do you encourage individual growth?

When it comes to choosing a childcare centre, you want to make sure you’re opting for a facility that encourages your child’s natural curiosity.

You want to ensure that individual learning and discovery is embraced by the centre. Try to find a childcare centre that prioritises individual exploration and works to provide your child with a safe space to learn, explore and grow as their own individual person.

5. What does a typical day look like for your students?

When choosing a childcare centre for your child, you want to really find out what your child will be spending their days doing. By asking the provider what a typical day looks like you can gauge how your child would likely be spending their days.

Whilst no two days are the same in the childcare sector, you should try to find a space that has a routine. Understanding the daily routine will help you decide if the facility is the right place for your child.

It’s okay to ask for details, especially regarding things like lunch and snack times, nap times and if they do any screen time.

 6. What do I need to pack for my child?

If this is your first child and your first time having to choose a childcare centre, it can be easy to not be 100% sure on what to pack. This question is a practical one. Ask about lunch, do they provide it or will you have to pack it? Should you pack a change of clothes? Your own sunscreen and nappies? Finding out exactly what you need to bring can ensure that your child is prepared for their first day at your chosen childcare centre. 

 7. How do you help children settle in?

Asking about the types of strategies the centre has in place to help your child settle in can help alleviate this concern. Knowing your child is in good hands and is being comforted by the educators makes dealing with separation anxiety much simpler.

Knowing how the centre goes about helping your child settle in can really give you added peace of mind.

8. What qualifications do your educators have?

This is one of the most important questions to ask when you’re touring childcare centre’s

Ask about the qualifications and experience of the educators. You may also want to observe how the educators interact with children currently attending the centre so you can gauge if it will be the right fit for your child.

9. How do you ensure the children are safe at all times?

When it comes to your child, nothing is more important than their health, safety and wellbeing. When you entrust the care of your child into someone new, you want to know that they’re going to be safe.

Ask about how they manage access into the centre, is there a keypad or a swipe card? How do they manage keeping the children inside the centre? What are the ratios like for children to educators? Is there a high enough ratio that there is adequate supervision?

When it comes to your child’s safety, asking all the questions necessary to put your mind at ease is key!

10. How do you prepare my child for school?

Whilst it may seem like it is years away, your childcare centre’s primary job is to prepare your child for when they do eventually start school. 

Ask how they prepare your child for school and when that preparation starts. Whilst it may start as subtle preparation and increase as your child gets closer to school age, ensuring they are prepared for school is crucial. Attending school with skills, confidence and a strong sense of self is really important.

Finding a childcare centre that helps them with school preparedness should be one of your top priorities.

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