Toddlers (2–3 years)

Toddler care that has purpose

We understand that being a toddler means learning happens through exploration and discovery. These are the very first steps your little one takes towards finding their sense of 'self.' We help your child build new understandings through our Evolution program tailored to toddlers, which focuses on stimulating curiosity through play-based learning and intentional teaching. At Young Academics, our programs, staff and centres work together to help your child grow. In alignment with the Early Years Learning Framework, our Evolution program assists toddlers in extending their experiences through meaningful activities that help your child build skills that are appropriate to their development. Through relationships, play, hygiene and communication, your little one is encouraged to grow meaningfully in our care.

Time to grow with YA

Our toddler programs place specific emphasis on play-based learning. We know that through appropriate activities and child-led learning, we can help maximise your child’s potential and enrich their education in a fun and engaging way. Our indoor and outdoor learning environments prompt discovery and creativity. Different colours and textures are selected to promote exploration, so your little one can develop their independence during their toddler years.

Our toddler program provides children with the opportunity to progress towards outcomes and achieve developmental milestones in environments where exploration, discovery and imagination are encouraged.

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Our secure indoor and outdoor environments allow your child to be open to challenges and opportunities, encouraging them to exert their energy and improve gross-motor skills. By providing a safe place where they can walk, run, climb, dance and more, our program encourages health and physical wellbeing through physical play.


As toddlers develop, a new sense of independence is fostered. Through a combination of organised learning environments, model educators and play experiences, our programs encourage your child to learn to interact, share and communicate with others. We ensure that your toddler is engaging in discussions that promote respect, equity and active citizenship.


Toddlerhood may sometimes mean spurts of emotion. Our educators are sensitive to your child’s feelings while simultaneously understanding the importance of self-control. Our program helps your child understand emotions and how to respond to them by ensuring that they feel safe, secure and comfortable in our learning environments.


We want your little one to build self-confidence when it comes to their learning and understanding. Through play-based learning activities, literacy and numeracy, your child can become an explorer of the world using practical, real-life scenarios. We allow your child to learn through a range of activities such as painting, dress-ups, props, music and role-play.


Language refers to both verbal and non-verbal interactions. When they feel safe and supported, toddlers can express their thoughts through song, stories, and listening. Our educators focus on this by talking and engaging with your child to help develop their language skills. We ensure your child uses our resources as a means of expressing ideas, imagination and creativity.

What we provide

  • A safe and clean environment
  • Personal care resources, such as nappies, wipes, Avent bottles and sunscreen for outdoor play
  • Fresh cot and bed linen
  • Part-time or full-time care options for your convenience
  • Age-appropriate resources ,facilities and programs relevant to infant development
  • Ongoing parent/educator correspondence via Kinderloop
  • Access and advice regarding CCS entitlement
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Young Academics provides trusted toddler care programs

Our programs extend and enrich toddler learning from 1–3 years

Your Child, the Explorer

Our outdoor environments and toddler rooms have been strategically designed to enhance every child’s experience, allowing them to learn, develop and explore freely through texture, space, colour and more.

Play-Based Learning

Our toddler programs promote a context of positive learning through play where our educators lead the way for your child to discover, create and problem solve. This is done in both indoor and outdoor learning environments.

Healthy, Nourishing Meals

Every day, our in-house cooks prepare and serve healthy and nutritious meals that have been planned by a dietician. YA ensures every child is nourished in our care, assisting them in adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Stay Connected with Kinderloop

YA utilises Kinderloop, a secure way for our educators to share information and real-time updates with you. This ensures every parent is regularly updated and engaged and helps you stay connected with your little one.

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