How Many Days Should Your Child be Attending Preschool to be School-ready?

Charlotte Thompson, 07 Apr 2021

There is no right or wrong answer as to how many days your child should attend preschool. However, there is an extensive list of factors to consider when determining the answer to this question. You may need to consider your financial affairs, your family's circumstances, your child’s behaviour, and more.

What is your motivation for sending your child to preschool in Sydney? 

Your child’s attendance  at preschool facilitates more than school readiness. It is an opportunity for them to flourish and develop emotionally, cognitively, and physically.

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing how many days to enrol your child at preschool. To assist in making the right decision, we have collated a list of questions for you to contemplate when determining how many days are suitable for you and your child.

  • Is your child shy? Would you like them to socialise a little more with other children?
  • Do you feel as though your child is too attached to a single parent or caregiver?
  • Would you like your child to learn independence and life skills?
  • Are you preparing your child for Kindergarten?
  • Are you concerned about your child’s academic progress?
  • Do you want to encourage or improve your child’s communication skills?
  • Does your workplace need you to be more available?

Whatever the reasons for sending your child to preschool are, be sure to consider the following truths about preschool to ease your mind:

  • There are no two children that are the same. Every child is different.
  • Each child experiences preschool differently, and each child learns differently.
  • In the right environment and preschool, your child will learn surprisingly faster than expected.

What preschool schedule is best suited for your child? 

There is no right or wrong answer as to how many days your child attends preschool, however, there are benefits to various attendance programs. Here are examples of the benefits of two, three and five day attendance programs.

  • Two Day Attendance 

 A two-day attendance routine is ideal for children starting in preschool to get into the rhythm and become settled. If your child has not attended childcare before preschool, it does not matter; our Transition to School program provides and equips children appropriately for this milestone.

  • Three Day Attendance

For a seamless transition to school, we recommend sending your child three or more days. This ensures a consistent routine with the probability of a quick adjustment for your child in a school-like setting.

  • Five Day Attendance 

This program is for parents and caregivers who want their children wholly prepared for Kindergarten, or who may work full-time. Five-day attendance key benefits enable children to fall into a consistent routine in preparation for preschool. In addition, children can develop an accelerated sense of belonging, confidence, and social skills.

What we offer to make your decision easier: 

We understand that the pressures of finding the right Sydney preschool can be challenging. In addition to tailored learning programs, we offer:

  • 5 nutritious meals prepared fresh daily by our on-site cook.
  • Personal care resources like nappies, bibs and wipes.
  • Ongoing parent/educator correspondence via smartphone app, Kinderloop.
  • Cot and bed linen for rest time.
  • Safe and secure centres with keypad access.
  • Hats and sunscreen for playtime.
  • Multilingual educators.

The transition to school is an essential stepping stone in your child's life.

As part of our philosophy, all of our activities, resources and facilities all work hand in hand with our Transition to School program to ensure social, emotional, and educational outcomes are met. However many days you decide to send your child to Young Academics, we will help your child achieve their potential and have them ready to take on their next adventure

Contact us today and one of our friendly staff will be happy to attend to your enquiry.

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