Sustainable Learning Programs

Andrew Silva, 26 Mar 2018

Now more than ever, we are hearing the notion of “sustainability” being implanted within education, business, industrial, government and even household contexts. The United Nations has defined sustainability as that which “meet the needs of the present without compromising the well-being of future generations to meet their own needs.” In a nutshell, it is focused on avoiding the depletion of natural resources especially those in which there is scarcity. The three pillars of sustainability are economic development, social development and environmental protection, and the objectives expand from ending poverty to addressing the effects of climate change.

Why are Sustainable Learning Programs Encouraged in Early Learning?

As part of our Evolution Program, Our World is a fundamental pillar in accordance with The Early Years Learning Framework. Outcome Two, Children Are Connected With And Contribute To Their World, encourages play, participation and developing awareness as a means by which children are informed and educated on the importance of protecting the environment.

By immersing sustainability in our daily activities, children:

  • Understand why it is fundamental to protect the environment and the immense advantages of sustainability
  • Recognise that daily activities play a big role in contributing to sustainability, especially through everyday routines such as minimising water consumption and composting organic food scraps from fruit and vegetables
  • Get involved in fun ways to be sustainable, with a hands on approach. With projects such as gardening and tending to worm farms, kids are given the opportunity to take part in exciting, yet educational environmentally-friendly practices
  • Are educated on the importance of recycling and why resource efficiency is fundamental to sustainability

How do Young Academics encourage sustainability?

With sustainability being of great importance in our learning programs, we like to go that extra mile and teach children in ways that will resonate with them.

All of our centres boast large and resourceful outdoor areas, which tie in with this principle of sustainability. Our outdoor activities are designed to educate children about sustainable practices and why nature is so important to us, and to them. We also incorporate Sustainable Goals through activities that get all children and families involved.

One of our most recent projects was held at our Rouse Hill centre in support of children in need in the Philippines. Our families were encouraged to bring in recyclable water bottles, where proceeds were used to provide necessities for approximately 200 children in the Philippines. These necessities including health and hygiene products, water and wholesome meals. This tremendous effort was of great success, and while assisting those in need, it also taught our children of the benefits of sustainability and giving back- with a local and global perspective.

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