Preschoolers (3–5 years)

Preparing your child for school

It’s almost time for your child to enter the real world. At Young Academics, we understand the importance of preschool years in terms of emotional, cognitive and physical development. We instil a passion for education and problem-solving using our engaging programs and activities, ensuring your child is ready for real-life situations. At Young Academics, we want your child to be confident enough to excel at school in more ways than one. Each of our activities is facilitated by our educators, meaning children are encouraged to delve deeper to discover meaning and make connections. From self-control to gaining understanding and purpose, our holistic approach to learning means your child is secure, supported and ready to take on 'big school'.

YA support your child independence

Our programs prepare your child for school through an intentional and connected framework of activities, resources and facilities. Our programs provide and equip preschoolers appropriately for this next stage in their life. The Transition to School program at Young Academics replaces the need for a separate prep year. After completing the program, your preschooler will be ready for school.

Informed by the Early Years Learning Framework, our Transition to School program incorporates both physical and psychological aspects of learning and supports your child through warm, trusting relationships. Our safe environments affirm this, while our program and activities encourage values of respect, equity and diversity and focus on development in five key areas.

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Early learning centres

YA’s School-Play Program caters extensively to improving your child’s physical development. By focusing on life skills, such as independently moving, going to the bathroom alone, and learning simple rhythms, we encourage your child to take increased responsibility for their health and physical development. This promotes a culture of independence that’s needed for their school years.


We want your little one to be as comfortable as possible in a school setting. New friends and new teachers can be daunting, which is why we specifically cater to building your child’s sense of identity. Our educators model how to be receptive to emotions both within themselves and others. This helps to show your child how they can cooperate in both an independent and social setting.


As a preschooler, understanding your own emotions is essential. We teach your child about connecting with and positively contributing to their world, including having respectful conversations and being receptive to emotions. Through play-based activities, our educators facilitate these situations, teaching your child to understand and respond appropriately to emotions.


Education and development are synonymous at YA which means that through a mix of structured and unstructured activities, your child is able to access and achieve educational outcomes. Through our unique Transition to School program your child will be able to express ideas and make meaning of their world using various concepts and ideas. Our activities cover areas of literacy, numeracy, creativity, problem-solving and language using a range of media.

What we provide

  • A safe and clean environment
  • Personal care resources, such as nappies, wipes, Avent bottles and sunscreen for outdoor play
  • Fresh cot and bed linen
  • Part-time or full-time care options for your convenience
  • Age-appropriate resources ,facilities and programs relevant to infant development
  • Ongoing parent/educator correspondence via Kinderloop
  • Access and advice regarding CCS entitlement
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Young Academics provides preschool services

Our preschool programs prepare your child for success in the real world

Natural Environment

Our centres allow children to learn through exploration with access to outdoor learning environments. With features such as bike tracks, sandpits, and more, your child’s curiosity is stimulated through bold colours, interactive equipment, and more.

Getting Ready for School

Our program implements both structured and unstructured play activities to create a fun and stimulating environment for your child. Vital to preschoolers, this allows your child to learn at their own pace and time, giving them the freedom to extend their thinking.

Nutrition and Meal Times

Created by a dietician, our program promotes health and nutrition through every aspect. With a healthy mind and body, your child can concentrate, cooperate and learn, helping them make healthier decisions when they transition into school.

Stay Connected with Kinderloop

Our Transition to School program is worth sharing. We frequently stay connected through Kinderloop, keeping you up to date with whatever your child is learning that day. We want to keep your mind at ease while your child’s mind is stimulated.

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