National Science Week 2021: Celery Dying Experiment

18 Aug 2021

At Young Academics Early Learning Centre, we celebrate Science and Technology through our holistic approach to learning, recognising the value of imaginative teaching and creative learning experiences. This Celery dying experiment is designed to teach children how plants absorb water from their roots in a process called Osmosis.

A great way to introduce basic science concepts is through fun and visual experiments such as this Celery Experiment. It requires just a few items and is a fun way to teach children about how a plant absorbs water. We will learn about how plants absorb water using coloured water and celery stalks.

You'll need:

  • Small clear containers or jar

  • Fresh Celery stalks with leaves. Preferably the lighter leafier stalks near the centre.

  • Food colouring of your choice (or you can mix them)

  • Water


  1. Separate and select stalks of celery with leaves. Cut about 2cm off the bottom. The lighter stalks near the centre will show the most colour.

  2. Half fill the container/ jar with water.

  3. Drop 3-4 drops of food colouring into the jar.

  4. Place stalks into the water and using stalk stir very gently until food colouring is dispersed evenly.

  5. Check on your Celery at intervals throughout the day, you will see slight results after 3 hours, significant results overnight and again at 48 hours.

  6. Watch how your celery changes colour.

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