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We have expanded beyond the greater Sydney region

One of our fastest growing regions, Greater Western Sydney is home to three Young Academics locations, with a fourth centre scheduled to open in Hillcrest Avenue, Penrith, in early 2020. This will mark our second centre in the thriving suburb of Penrith.

Each of our Greater Western Sydney childcare centres has been strategically located to maximise convenience, with ample parking and close ties to the local community. They are designed to be welcoming spaces aimed at enriching early childcare learning in the region. Our environments support all aspects of a child’s learning. A variety of age-specific resources caters to different learning capacities and styles, and invites interaction between children and their environment. Our indoor activities offer a vast array of possibilities for shared thinking and collaborative learning. Meanwhile, our outdoor areas consist of play spaces and natural environments, inviting your little one to understand nature through open-ended interactions, spontaneity, risk-taking, exploration, discovery and connection.

The team

Our team include locals from the Greater Western Sydney area, and they respect the rich diversity that this region has to offer. Culture is celebrated and valued in numerous ways, including by observing various holidays throughout the year, honouring histories, promoting languages and more. In addition to this, our educators come from a variety of backgrounds and some are bilingual.

We aim to provide enriched learning experiences that make a difference. Children at our centres learn through our Evolution (0–2 years) and Transition to School (3–5 years) programs, which are exclusive to Young Academics. Underpinning these programs is the idea that childcare is more than a series of fun activities, but is also an opportunity to develop problem-solving and critical thinking from an early age. Our programs take a holistic approach to learning that brings together the best childhood education theories based on current research, collaboration with families and our professional expertise.

The Nutrition program at Young Academics is led by an on-site chef who specialises in child nutrition and health. This means every meal consists of essential ingredients, nutrients and nourishment, keeping your child’s mind and body healthy. To further promote healthy living, our programs also include activities such as kitchen garden programs and cooking classes, to provide insight into food preparation and mindfulness.

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We welcome you to visit our state-of-the-art childcare centres in Greater Western Sydney.