Infant Baby Care

Andrew Silva, 21 Jan 2019

Young Academics does not discount the importance of family when it comes to influencing the stages of your child’s life. However, if your child attends infant child care, the experiences, relationships and knowledge they gain become an invaluable kick start to their lifelong learning.

There is no exhausted amount of research that highlights the importance of early child experiences well enough. From birth to 2 years, infants absorb almost everything. From mannerisms around them, to the words that they hear. Surrounding your children in an environment which enhances every aspect of their development is crucial. Quality infant care caters towards this and becomes pivotal to your child’s physical, emotional, cognitive and social development.

Infant baby care: how does it influence infant and toddler development? Infant baby care is focused on the development of everyday skills. This means that most learning processes during these ages assist in the building of ‘self’ whether it be through relationships, hygiene, or communication.

Young Academics’ infant baby care is centred around the following:

  • Relationships: improving interactions and ensuring children are responsive to friendships and are confidently exchanging information with peers and adults surrounding them
  • Experiences: providing opportunities to play and explore with meaning can enhance learning, motor skills and overall development for your child.
  • Environments: exposing children to well-planned physical environments which prompt and support both practical and theoretical skills
  • Health: implementing health and safety procedures to educate children on hygiene and self-help skills, encouraging personal health from an early age.

When babies are placed in a situation which promotes all of these elements, they are given an opportunity to thrive. Continuity of care provided for infants at Young Academics is a prime focus; responding to the care and needs of babies.

Why choose Young Academics for infant child care? Each of our skilled staff provides continuous care to ensure that familiar relationship are established between YA and your child. Part of this quality infant care means that we, at Young Academics:

  • Provide one-on-one interactions which enhance childhood experiences
  • Provide routines for your child to accustom themselves to everyday life
  • Plan and prepare children experiences through educational programs which take into account interests, needs and abilities of children
  • Expose your child to a variety of sensory experiences, providing opportunities to see, touch, hear, taste and feel.

Young Academics childcare facilities are rich in learning elements. This means that all of our equipment is focused on learning, and act as resources to enhance thinking, skills and curiosity. In conjunction with this, Young Academics infant-toddler programs provide quality infant learning activities which create a policy which focuses on the stimulation of curiosity, paving the way for independence during pre-school years.

Place your trust in our family. To further understand why Young Academics is the childcare centre for your child, enquire now.

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