How Multiculturalism is Promoted in our Early Learning Centres

Andrew Silva, 19 Mar 2021

Across our centres, cultural diversity is celebrated so that children have the opportunity to learn and appreciate different cultures, races and ethnicities within the Young Academics community. Sydney is highly multicultural, so, unsurprisingly, our classrooms in centres across the city reflect that. Our team recognises the value of a multicultural society and actively works to promote that in our teachings.

At Young Academics, we purposefully introduce specific programs and consciously include the cultures present in our communities and classrooms. We do this, not just with the intention of improving the knowledge and awareness of children, but to make children from various backgrounds in our classrooms feel more comfortable.

Why teaching multiculturalism at our early learning centres in Sydney is important

While it’s common knowledge that multiculturalism should be appreciated, there are also many benefits to actively promoting it in the classroom. Before we explore how Young Academics actively promotes multiculturalism, let’s take a look at why it's beneficial.

  • Helps children of different cultural backgrounds feel included

It is the role of educators for children to feel included during class discussions and activities. This is done through openly promoting and discussing multiculturalism in class, through this children will begin to feel represented and included when their specific cultures are brought up in the classroom.

  • Provides accurate representation and knowledge of cultural groups

In an early learning centre, children are at vulnerable ages and are susceptible to misinformation. This is why educating them about different cultures is important. From an early age, children at our centres will be exposed to the accurate representation of cultures.

Lastly, providing an opportunity to learn about both the similarities and differences of cultures helps children to see the beauty of multiculturalism.

  • Recognises the richness of Sydney’s diversity

Sydney’s diversity is beautiful. Exposing children to different cultures as well as promoting multiculturalism, helps them to appreciate their city as well as the people who reside there, from an early age.

How Young Academics promotes multiculturalism at our centres

Throughout all of our centres, we’ve included multicultural promotion and education according to the backgrounds of our children and the community that we are located in. This way, we are certain that regardless of what cultural backgrounds are present in our school, your children always feel welcomed and comfortable at their home away from home.

  • Languages

Teaching children different languages is an excellent opportunity for them to also understand that people from different cultures, also speak different languages. In early childhood, a child’s vocabulary drastically develops, making it the perfect time in a child’s life for the teaching and development of a foreign language.

Our teachers will use song, dramatic play and storytelling to teach children the basics of foreign languages that are either present in the community or in the classroom.

  • Meals

A well-known fact is the importance of food in culture. Regardless of the culture, country or ethnicity, you come from, you are likely to have a traditional meal or traditional foods that you eat. As our team at Young Academics provides five fresh meals per day for your children, we are in control of the nutrition and type of food that they eat.

Our Nutrition Program provides children with all of the essential nutrients that they need and encourages healthy habits. We also use it as an opportunity to help children explore foods from different cultures. Foods from different cultures are often very nutritious, help children to broaden their palates from a young age and allow children to appreciate flavours that may be unfamiliar to them.

  • Activities

Different cultures, religions and ethnicities have special days that are significant to them. In our classrooms, we celebrate occasions and engage in activities that are important to children of different cultures in our classes.

Our Centres celebrate a multitude of cultural days that are reflective of the cultures of the children who attend. From Diwali to Easter, Eid to NAIDOC Week, and so much more, we appreciate cultures from all over the globe, and within our very own homeland. Incorporated in our programs are activities such as sharing Dreamtime stories, singing indigenous songs, embracing the connection to country and more. We strive to educate the children of the special meaning and significance of these special events, fostering respect for diversity and cultural competency.

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