Healthful Eating in Child Care

Michelle Theodosi, 26 Mar 2018

Adopting a healthy lifestyle and wholesome eating habits is essential to our daily lives and this is even more important to commence from an early age. By providing snacks and meals in all our child care centres, we are able to implement nutritious, wholesome foods into the diets of our little ones. For this reason, we have engaged an experienced dietitian to plan and prepare custom menus for each individual Young Academics Early Learning Centre.

Here are the top three reasons healthy eating habits are important for kids:

1. Growth and Development

Nutritious meals ensure kids are given the vitamins and nutrients that are essential for growth. A healthy, balanced approach that promotes nourishing food and avoids processed food is one that children should be encouraged to embrace. By starting early, children also develop a preference for this way of life and tend to follow it all the way through. To aid in the growth and development of children in their most crucial years, a wholesome diet is also beneficial for brain development and avoiding future health problems- from blood pressure to dental issues.

2. Improved Energy and Efficiency Levels

Food that is high in sugar and saturated fats impacts a child in many ways we have been made aware of through new research. Findings demonstrate there is a correlation between children who have wholesome diets and deliver strong performances- with higher energy and motivation, greater alertness and less fatigue, and as a result, higher productivity. Through better food intake, children also have better concentration levels, and therefore are more attentive during preschool and school programs. This is fundamental in shaping their ability, and willingness, to learn.

3. Forming Positive Habits

As activities take time to become habits, and habits take time to form, starting early conditions children to understand the benefits of healthy eating, and moreover, be motivated by it. These habits form a fundamental part in the daily lifestyle of children as they become adults, and become core components to their wellbeing. These positive habits are also implemented through the diets of children who may be restricted through intake limitations such as lactose and gluten. With abundant access to resources, healthful eating can be adopted by anyone, anywhere, and this is something we encourage across all our centres.

By providing meals for our kids, we are able to live up to our promise “Your Child-Our Commitment” as we are committed to providing the most valuable experience for kids, and enlightening them on essential habits that should be maintained for the rest of their lives.

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