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Kinderloop is a safe, secure and private way for you to stay in touch with Young Academics while your child is in our care. We use this app to share news, events, photos and videos about your child – all in real-time. Fun and easy to use, Kinderloop allows you to catch a glimpse of the day-to-day running of our centre and keeps you updated on what your child is up to throughout the day. Kinderloop also offers insights and updates into your child’s progress and developmental milestones. Through the Kinderloop app, you can ask questions or comment on your child’s learning, creating a meaningful relationship with our educators. Whatever query you may have, you can contact our friendly staff at any time via Kinderloop.
Benefits of Kinderloop for Parents:
  • Safe, secure and private – only childcare providers and parents/guardians can access the information
  • Keeps you ‘in the loop’ – parents/guardians can receive photos, news, reminders, and goal progress daily via the app
  • Join in on the fun – parents/guardians can nominate other family members to view your child’s progress
  • Learning can continue – by staying up to date with your child’s day, you can extend the learning process with them at home
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