First Day

The first day at childcare

The first day at childcare marks a significant moment for you and your little one. While most children settle in well, some will find the experience more challenging and may take some time to adjust. At Young Academics, we want you and your child to feel at ease, so to help make this transition as smooth as possible, we’ve put together a list of questions and helpful hints.
First day at child care centre
Preparing for the First Day
Talk about it

Fear of the unknown is stressful – even for adults. To prepare your child for their first day and encourage a smooth transition, talk about the new environment, the excitement of learning, the prospect of making friends and more. Most importantly, communicate that you will be separated from your child and model a positive reaction to this. Keep discussions positive and show enthusiasm about your child going to childcare.

Schedule a visit

We invite every family to our orientation days. Visiting the centre before their first day allows them to catch a glimpse into the childcare facilities available, the friendly staff and the exciting activities they will soon enjoy. This can help your child adjust to the environment and contribute to the way they settle in. Contact our Enrolments Team on 1300 668 993 to arrange a tour.

Pack a bag

Our staff will provide a checklist of what to bring, but we recommend involving your child in the process of packing their bag to help them feel more comfortable about their first day at childcare. Talk about what you’re putting in the bag and why. This can help them to understand the purpose of their childcare experience and can assist in building excitement for their first day. It can be helpful to pack a transitional item – something your child loves – which may give them a sense of familiarity in their new environment.

Your child’s first day:

Many parents experience common concerns in the lead-up to their child’s first day, so we’ve prepared the following FAQs. We know that you may have questions of your own, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

What time should I arrive?

We encourage you to drop off your child at the time you will typically arrive on a regular day. This helps to establish your new routine.

What do I bring?

Young Academics provides all the necessities for your child, however, we do ask families to bring some items, such as a water bottle, formula and a spare change of clothing. Be sure to label all items clearly!

How do I say goodbye?

Talk about the drop-off in the car on the way to the centre. Once you’ve arrived, make the goodbye as quick as possible and avoid lingering. The best thing you can do is give your child a hug, let them know you will be picking them up later and be on your way.

What NOT to bring

Young Academics provides five nutritious meals, personal care resources, hats, sunscreen, and cot/bed linen for each child. This means you are not required to bring any of these items.

What do you do if my child seems to be unsettled when I leave?

This is all part of the process! Reassure your child that you will see them later in the afternoon. Our friendly educators will be there to support your child, ensuring that their day is as positive as possible.

Will you be in touch throughout the day?

Definitely! Young Academics communicates with parents/guardians via Kinderloop, meaning you can stay in touch with your child’s centre during their first day.

How do you cater to fussy eaters?

Although we encourage trying new foods, we can provide alternative meals for those who have a particular palate. We also support families by hosting information evenings and workshops.

How do you cater to children with allergies?

We take allergies seriously. We supply substitute ingredients such as rice milk and ensure that all staff (including our chefs) avoid cross-contamination. We also regularly update allergy forms and have them on display for our staff to reference during every meal.

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