Child Care Facilities

What to look for in a childcare centre

In our care, every child is given the best possible opportunity to kickstart their lifelong journey of learning. As a family-owned business, every resource, facility and centre is carefully selected to offer premium childcare for your little one. We do not compromise quality and you shouldn’t either. Selecting a childcare centre is no easy task. We want to alleviate the stress involved in making such a decision and have created learning environments that bring learning to life. Every resource and piece of equipment is intentional and provides an opportunity for your child to achieve educational outcomes at their own pace. We want your child to be given the best possible opportunity. When deciding on a childcare centre, it is essential to ask the following questions:
  • How long has the centre been in operation?
  • What are the operating hours?
  • Is the centre open all-year-round?
  • Am I able to book a tour of the centre I am interested in?
About the STAFF
  • What qualifications or training do staff and providers have? (e.g., Registered Early Childhood Educator)
  • Does someone on-site have CPR and First Aid certification?
  • What happens when the staff or provider is sick or away?
About the programs
  • Who is in charge of writing the programs?
  • How often are programs updated?
  • How does assessment occur?
  • How can you cater to my child’s learning difficulties?
  • Does the centre have any exclusive programs?
  • What kinds of snacks and meals do you provide?
  • Is food prepared on-site or catered in?
  • Are certain foods not allowed on-site? (e.g., nuts or other allergens)
  • Can you accommodate our family’s dietary needs?
  • Do meals meet nutritional standards?
  • How does the program handle if a child has food allergies or dietary restrictions?
Effective childcare facilitiesskilled educatorsoutcomes achieved

The formula for our success, we have invested heavily in our facilities as well as the right educators, optimising your child’s opportunity for learning. Each one of our staff is:

Learn through experience

The colours, shapes, and textures of our resources and play activities allow your child to apply concepts and ideas in a practical, real-life setting.


Our educators ensure that programs are optimised through clear organisation, instructions, and communication. This means we work collaboratively to improve skills, expertise and childcare quality.

Professional development

We aim to improve the quality of our staff continuously, and we do so by providing training and professional development opportunities to staff. We support our team in every way possible to enhance or update their practices.

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