Exploring the great outdoors

Exploring the great outdoors

How to enhance early childhood education through outdoor learning

With the influx of technology, it can be tempting to rely on screens for your child’s entertainment. But with screens dominating a majority of children’s free time, now more than ever is a crucial time to encourage your children to get out into the great outdoors and to reconnect with nature. 


Outdoor learning plays a pivotal role in early childhood education and is crucial for the development of your child and to foster a solid foundation for a lifelong love of learning! At Young Academics, we know how important time outdoors is for children and we really believe in the transformative power of outdoor learning. 


The Benefits Of Outdoor Learning 

There are so many benefits to ditching the traditional classroom setting and encouraging children to have an outdoor hands-on learning experience that helps to stimulate their senses and encourage creativity. 


At Young Academics, we’ve seen the benefits of incorporating outdoor learning into early childhood education firsthand, these are some of the benefits we’ve seen from outdoor learning. 


Physical Development:

Outdoor learning and outdoor play promotes gross and fine motor skill development in children. Climbing, running and playing outside helps contribute in a positive way to the overall physical development and wellbeing of children. 


Cognitive Skills: 

The great outdoors is an incredibly rich learning environment that encourages children to use problem-solving skills, critical thinking and their creativity. The open-ended nature of outside spaces is a key factor in igniting imaginative play and is key to helping children explore and make sense of the world around them. 


Social & Emotional Growth: 

Outdoor learning and outdoor play provides children with a range of opportunities to play, interact and cooperate with their peers. These opportunities further help to develop their social skills, foster a sense of community, encourage teamwork and lay positive foundations for future relationships. 


Environmental Awareness: 

When children connect with nature and the great outdoors at an early age it helps to instil a sense of environmental responsibility and love for the environment. We aim to encourage the children at Young Academics to develop an appreciation for the environment around them. 


How Does Young Academics Encourage Outdoor Learning? 

At Young Academics, we know how vital it is to encourage children to learn and play outside, and we implement a range of initiatives aimed to promote outdoor learning in the children that attend our Young Academics Early Learning Centres. 


Outdoor Classrooms 

We know that learning doesn’t just happen inside the four walls of the classroom, which is exactly why we are dedicated to encouraging outdoor classrooms and outdoor learning in our curriculum. These outdoor class spaces are specifically designed to encourage hands-on experiences that allow children to experience the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the outdoor world around them. 


Inspiring Curriculum

At Young Academics, we try to integrate the outside world into our classroom and curriculum as often as possible. We want to ensure that children have the space to engage with their natural surroundings. Whether it’s nature walks or garden-based activities and learning we aim to create an environment that promotes your child’s curiosity. 


Garden Facilities

There are so many benefits to getting out in the garden for both young and old, and at Young Academics we aim to have a garden that helps to connect children with nature through our beautiful outdoor spaces. Children who are able to play and learn in well kept garden spaces will develop an appreciation for the world around them. 


Can Parents Get Involved? 

Absolutely! At Young Academics we encourage parents to get involved in their child’s education as much as possible and there’s no better way to encourage outdoor learning than to incorporate it into your child’s home life too.  Think about encouraging daily walks, nature-filled spaces at home and even workshops about outdoor spaces!

If you’re looking to find out more about the outdoor learning practices we implement at Young Academics, contact us  today!