Easy at-home fun: DIY Moon Dust

02 Aug 2021

Create your own sensory, moondust writing tray, perfect for writing and literacy activities. Young Academics Early Learning Centre, Smeaton Grange shared one of their favourite easy to replicate moon dust experiments.

How To make Moon Dust
  • Gather salt, black food colouring, a large zip lock bag and water.

  • Place the salt, a generous squeeze of black food colouring and a 1/4 teaspoon of water into the large zip lock bag.

  • Seal the zip lock bag trapping air inside and shake the bag until the salt is coloured all the way through.

  • Turn salt onto a lined tray and spread it out. Allow the salt to dry overnight.

  • Once the salt is dry, break up any lumps with the tips of your fingers or through a sifter. Place in a tray ready for your learning experience.

It's as easy and simple as that! If you've enjoyed making it, share a picture with us on social media and tag #youngacademics

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