Early Learning Centres Give Your Child the Best Start in Life

Charlotte Thompson, 20 Jul 2022

It is known that the first five years of a child’s life are the most critical time in their development. Children absorb everything in their environment in the most extraordinary way in these years–learning effortlessly each and every day. It’s a time of physical, mental and behavioural growth that sets the foundations for a child’s future wellbeing, their ability to adapt to change and how they interact with their surroundings.

So how do you ensure you’re doing all you can to maximise this opportunity? Early learning centre programs should provide your child with the tools and surroundings that encourage positive growth. That’s why finding the right one is essential.

Since 2009, Young Academics has been committed to building the foundations of each child’s lifelong learning. Every program we offer is suited to their specific age, and we’ve ensured that every space in every one of our early learning centres is the right environment for them to explore, discover and learn.

Let’s take a closer look at how our exclusive early learning programs can bring out the best in your child at every stage of their early development.

Early learning centre programs set the foundation for success

Every program at our early learning centres is designed to help children develop and move toward key milestones, such as reading stories and singing songs to promote oral and aural language skills and stimulate curiosity. Further to this, to foster positive behaviours, our programs ensure that a child’s individual needs for sleeping, eating, and active and quiet play are met—every day.

A glimpse into Young Academics' Programs 

Evolution Program (0-3 yrs)

This program focuses on seven key areas that promote holistic learning and development, including resilience, creativity and discovery. Our educators actively engage children in play-based experiences that challenge and extend their thinking and learning around these areas.

Play-based learning is a nationally-recognised approach based on child-led, open-ended play, which inspires each space to be fitted with resources that embrace education, all while having fun. 

Our rooms intentionally flow seamlessly outdoors, where we have interactive stations for children to enjoy.

Each month we plan different learning experiences to help your child reach these goals to align with their developmental milestones. Families are kept up-to-date on their child’s progress, and every six months, parents are given a formal developmental summary, linking it to each area in the Evolution Program and the child’s individual goals.

Transition to School Program (3-5 yrs)

We want your child to start primary school with confidence. This means gaining more self-control, understanding and purpose while feeling secure and supported.

Our Transition to School Program is designed to develop foundational skills, providing a fluid transition into Early Stage One of the Australian School Curriculum. Our educators implement a holistic learning approach using structured and unstructured play. By focusing on building their emotional, cognitive and physical development, every activity prepares your child for real-life situations in their first year of school. 

We also want to ensure your child is well supported to learn at their own pace, giving them everything they need to take on all the challenges that school will bring, such as meeting new students and teachers, by covering a range of social skills so that they’re comfortable meeting new people and making friends in a new school setting.

Workshops that enhance our programs

Adding another level of excitement to learning, our Music and Movement Workshops are weekly classes encouraging self-expression and igniting creativity through musical instruments, dance, yoga, singing and movement skills.

Our S.T.E.A.M workshop introduces children to the foundations of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics—all fun and engaging.

Fuel for growth—they are what they eat

A balanced diet and plenty of physical activity are not just about physical growth. It’s also vital for proper mental and emotional development. With 90% of brain development occurring before a child gets to kindergarten, it’s up to parents and carers to provide them with a balanced diet for optimal growth. Essential nutrients, energy, muscle stimulation and confidence in movement are all significant factors in becoming a healthy child.

At Young Academics Early Learning Centre, the health and nutrition of your child are our top priority. We believe all meals are also an opportunity for our children to learn about the importance of a well-balanced diet, guiding them towards lifelong healthy eating habits. Every day, our in-house cooks prepare five healthy and nutritious meals, and snacks planned explicitly by expert dietitian and founder of The Lifestyle Dietitian, Michelle Theodosi. 

Keep it in the family

As a family-owned early learning centre, our family-focused approach is reflected in all aspects of our care. From the relationships with our children, families and educators, we understand the value of positive partnerships with our families and the wider community and early education’s significant role in the first five years.

If you want your child to excel in a nurturing, community-minded environment that cares, book a tour or call us today.

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