Child Care Facilities Give You Their Top Tips for Readjusting to Daycare After a Break

Charlotte Thompson, 25 Feb 2020

Back to reality, back to routine, back to responsibilities. Yes, we all know how hard it is to jump back into the swing of things after a long holiday break filled with celebration, excitement and family time. Going back to childcare after the holiday season can be difficult as both children and parents have had their routines disrupted. Whether you have already started work/school or are just about to get back into it, here are some tips you could use for helping your child readjust to the routines and schedules of childcare after a long holiday break.

Going back to childcare for preschoolers after a long break can be difficult as they have been out of their 'routine' for several weeks. Parents need to make sure their children are aware that child care facilities are open and ready to take them back in after their break. They need to be reminded that they will be back in their classroom and friends, learning new and exciting things.

Childcare facility tip #1: Implement a routine

Holiday schedules are usually very different from an everyday work/school schedule, and that is completely fine as everyone needs a break. However, it is crucial that you still implement some type of routine for your child on their break to ensure they are not completely zoned out once they are back at childcare. Start easing your child into it a couple of days before they start childcare to get their little bodies used to the altered eating and sleeping schedules. Bedtime and sleeping schedules are one of the most important items you will need to implement. Usually, the holidays are filled with family events and disrupted bedtimes. The best solution to ensuring your little one is rested and ready to jump out of bed is to bring their bedtime earlier a few days preceding the return to childcare.

“Routines are important to everybody, but they are especially for young children as it allows children to navigate the continuous challenge of learning new things from the safe and comforting boundaries that are created by routines.”- Raise Learning

Childcare facility tip #2: Eating habits

Not only is the holiday season filled with fun and festivities, but it is also filled with an increased amount of unhealthy foods being consumed at irregular times. While your little one should be enjoying their break with a few naughty snacks, you should also make sure they are monitored and continue to eat nutritious meals. Try and get back into a healthy eating routine as soon as possible and cut down as many sweets/treats. Meals should also be scheduled at certain times of the day. This routine is important for children as when they are back at their child care facility, they will be eating, napping and playing at specified times. Children need to ease into a regulated eating routine before they commence childcare centre.

Childcare facility tip #3: Get organised

It is very easy to forget about important dates or events after the holiday break. Before your little one gets back into the swing of things, review your school’s calendar/newsletter for upcoming events and mark them in your calendar so you don’t forget. We also recommend that you have all the necessary childcare supplies and snacks for your little one before they get back to start back up at childcare.

Childcare facility tip #4: Set goals

Goals and resolutions are not just for adults! Children can make them too. Talk to your child about what they want to achieve for the next week, month or year and what they are proud of or wish to improve on. This is a great way to see where your child is at and will help them distinguish between their strengths and weaknesses.

Childcare facility tip #5: Communicate

Open and regular communication between yourself and your child is crucial. Remind them of routines and expectations in childcare as these can easily be forgotten during the holiday period. Routines are especially important for children as it removes the anxiety associated with the unpredictability from their day. Prepare them in advance so they can be reminded of their childcare routine and schedule.

Childcare facility tip #6: Quality time

After your child has settled back into childcare, you should try and spend quality time with them when they are home. This is because transitioning from the holidays to back to childcare can be difficult on many kids as they become used to spending most of their day with parents. Continue to set time aside out of school hours to engage in fun activities - this is not only beneficial for your child but the relationship you develop with them.

At Young Academics, we help make your child’s transition back to childcare as seamless as possible. Our educators create a nurturing and inviting environment for your precious little one. Young Academics also used Kinderloop - a safe, secure and private way for you to stay in touch with your child! We use the app to share news, events, photos and videos about your child - all in real-time. Don’t miss a thing and stay connected with your child.

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