4 reasons why sending your child to childcare is the right option

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For many parents, sending their child to daycare is not an easy decision. While for many there is no other option but to send their little one to daycare, others may have the choice of either sending their child to daycare, staying at home with them or hiring a babysitter/nanny. There are undoubtedly benefits for each option, however, for the holistic development of your child, we highly recommend that you send them to a childcare centre in Sydney. Along with securing reliable and top-notch childcare for your little one, you will also be able to take advantage of all the benefits that come along with childcare centres in Sydney.

Is a childcare centre suitable for every family?

Understandably, many families wonder if a childcare centre is suitable for their family. The good news is that childcare centres are suitable for every type of family! With reliable care, a secure facility and a team of competent carers, there’s no better place to send your child in their early years. However, childcare centres tend to be especially suitable and appropriate for the following family circumstances:

  • Families where all parents/guardians in the household work
  • Families with more than one child around daycare age
  • Families who have many responsibilities at home (for example, caring for a dependent)

In this article, we’ll discuss why sending your child to a childcare centre is the right option.

4 reasons why you should send your little one to a childcare centre in Sydney

  1. Physical environment

    At home, you can try as hard as you’d like to create a fun, but child-proof area, however, it’s likely that it will never be fully safe nor conducive to a toddler playing and exploring. This can limit your child’s fun and ultimately, explorative / play-based learning opportunities and additionally, endanger them if your space is not fully or effectively child-proof. A childcare centre is purpose-built, fully child-proof and most importantly, is specifically designed for your little one, allowing them to move about freely and safely.

  2. Education prepares them for later school

    A successful start in education does not just rely on the emotional readiness of the student (your child), but also on their mental preparedness and learning capacity. How do you achieve this? With childcare! Childcare centres such as Young Academics run tailored programs such as a Transition to School Program to nourish your child’s full potential through different facets of development.  In addition to school readiness, your child will benefit from the centre’s facilities, resources, trained carers and community which together, develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills and prepare them for school in all aspects.

  3. Professional staff

    Many reputable and high-quality child care centres such as Young Academics are regulated and registered with the NSW Government in order to streamline the quality of care and education provided to the children of the state. They are rated against the National Quality Standard (NQS) which measures performances in the education programme, children’s health and safety, physical environment and relationships with children. While your child will of course be happy at home, you may risk overlooking key developmental areas that could make a difference later on in your child’s life.

  4. Play-based learning

    Play-based learning is one of the most effective ways of teaching children. It involves learning while children engage in playful activities. It draws on a child’s natural desire to engage in activities that interest them. With this approach, they are more likely to be motivated to learn and develop a positive attitude toward learning. A play-based program utilises children’s interests and ideas, utilises indoor and outdoor areas and a variety of play spaces and offers children the use of a range of materials and resources. An environment that is conducive for this approach to learning is hard to replicate at home and thus, a childcare centre is better for your child. Young Academics early learning centres are equipped with both indoor and outdoor areas that are purpose-built and conducive to a play-based learning approach, ensuring your child reaches their maximum potential.

We hope that these benefits help you to make the right decision for your child. Our team at Young Academics Early Learning Centre will try to help you and your child adapt to our centre as best we can.

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