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Bring on Book Week

Posted on: 05 Aug 2022

August means Book Week, and books are a big deal here at Young Academics. Our children love spending time in the reading corner or listening to our educators read a story, so there will be plenty of literary activities going on in our centres to celebrate one of our favourite weeks of the year – and of course a Book Parade to top it off!

Early Learning Centres Give Your Child the Best Start in Life

Posted on: 20 Jul 2022

Give your child the power of preschool

Posted on: 05 Jul 2022

For many parents, the decision to send a child to preschool is not an easy one. So, why should your child attend preschool? Read more to find out.

Top tips to help your child make friends at childcare

Posted on: 26 May 2022

While making friends and navigating conflict are skills children will need to largely learn on their own, parents can definitely help pave the way by practising friendship skills at home.

May Is For Mindfulness

Posted on: 10 May 2022

We hear plenty about mindfulness these days, but what does it really mean – and how is it helpful in an early learning environment?  

Blossoming creativity in early childhood

Posted on: 13 Apr 2022

Wild imagination and blooming creativity are key aspects of being a child, and through simple activities such as free play and art, these cornerstones of infancy are able to be explored and propagated.

Hearing Loss – what to look out for at home

Posted on: 02 Mar 2022

At Home Tips: Developing Your Preschool-Aged Child’s Foundational Reading and Writing Skills

Posted on: 15 Nov 2021

Your child’s reading skills are integral to their future academic success and overall development. At Young Academics, our skilled educators are trained to effectively develop foundational skills for reading and writing in preschool aged children at our early learning centres. However, like most developmental areas, building a strong foundation for reading skills begins at home. …

Answered: A Parent’s Most Asked Questions About the Child Care Subsidy Program

Posted on: 03 Nov 2021

The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is an important tool made available by the Australian Government to help with the financial costs associated with childcare. The program is designed to increase access to high-quality care for children of families from different backgrounds across Australia. However, like most government programs, there are requirements, caveats and stipulations that surround …

Getting Your Child School Ready

Posted on: 02 Sep 2021

-Our Transition to School Program and What You Can Do at Home- The transition to school is such an important milestone in your child/ren’s life. Parents often think that school readiness means being able to read, write and do basic maths. While these factors are important, evaluating school readiness is much more holistic – looking …

Introducing Literacy and Numeracy to Your Children at Home

Posted on: 20 Aug 2021

To continue this learning at home, we’ve rounded up some fun games to teach your child/ren their A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s through engaging and interactive play. Alphabet Hide and Seek Hide & seek involving letters is a fun way to learn, while also encouraging children to foster their curiosity and inquisition. How to play: Print letters …

Easy at-home fun: Painting

Posted on: 05 Aug 2021

There are many benefits of painting for children, including sensory development, colour learning, fine motor development, sparking creativity, openly expressing emotions and building self-esteem. Painting is also a great activity to help teach concepts like shapes and letters in a fun and engaging way. While painting is a great learning opportunity for toddlers, it is …