At home Winter activity guide

At home Winter activity guide

As winter approaches, we have an opportunity to turn the cold season into a fun time of learning and play. Whilst winters here in Australia cannot compare to that of the northern hemisphere, the seasonal change may leave you feeling at a loss of how to entertain your children during the chilly weather.


Below is a guide to winter activities that will not only keep children engaged but also foster their development. With many cold and wet days expected, you’ll know exactly what to plan from June to August this year without it becoming a chore and keeping your children from catching cabin fever!


1. Winter Crafts

Bring out the creative side of children with themed crafts. There are endless activities you can do with resources already hanging around the home. For example, all you need is some paper, glue and cotton balls to make a simple snowman. From making snowball ornaments to crafting paper plate penguins, these activities are great for enhancing fine motor skill development but also provide an outlet for creative expression. For the winter season perhaps consider creating a winter wonderland craft corner with various open-ended materials, enabling children to let their imaginations run wild.


2. Storytelling & Dramatic Play

Create cosy winter reading nooks and foster your child’s imagination and build a blanket fort as their little hideaway in their own home. You can use empty boxes and cushions to make imaginary structures. Fill the fort with winter themed books and hold storytelling sessions. Take this a step further and ask them to act out their favourite winter story or character through dramatic play, think Elsa or Olaf! These activities not only foster literacy skills but also develop communication and imagination abilities.


3. Winter Science Experiments

Transform your home into a mini science lab with winter themed experiments. Explore concept such as freezing and melting using ice cube trays or create a DIY snow globe. These hands-on activities promote curiosity and a love for learning whilst connecting children to the concept of the winter season.


4. Cooking Adventures

Warm up the kitchen with some winter cooking experiences. Bake cookies in fun winter shapes, make hot chocolates with marshmallows or create snowman shaped snacks. Cooking not only introduces children to basic culinary skills but also provides an opportunity to discuss healthy eating habits and the importance of staying warm in winter.


5. Nature inspired scavenger hunts

Take advantage of the unique aspects of winter by organising nature scavenger hunts. Look for fallen leaves or winter themed items eg. pinecones, icicles etc and plant these in an outdoor setting. This outdoor activity promotes observation skills and an appreciation for the changing seasons.


The winter season is filled with numerous opportunities for learning, fun and creating great seasonal memories. By combining outdoor adventures with creative crafts and cosy indoor activities, you can turn your home into a hub of winter excitement. As children explore the season of winter, they will not only have fun but also develop essential skills.