A Day in the Life of a Young Academics Student

Andrew Silva, 02 May 2018

At Young Academics, every day is filled with learning, exploring and having fun. We have a set routine that combines playtime with an enjoyable learning experience. In between activities and group time sessions, children also enjoy delicious nutritious meals and get some much needed rest.

Read on to learn more about the routine of a typical day at Young Academics.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day which is why we kickstart each and every day with a breakfast meal that keeps the little ones energised and ready to learn, prepared daily in each centre. Our breakfast meals are jam-packed with nutrition to improve concentration and mental performance. This meal time gives children the chance to connect with their friends and start the day positively.

Following breakfast, children will engage in outdoor play time. With our bespoke cubby houses, sandpits and more, every child has the chance to enjoy an aesthetically pleasing environment with plenty of fun! Our outdoor area allows children to build on their independence and explore their surroundings while interacting with their educators and friends.

Before the next activity, children enjoy a brief morning tea snack. This is then continued with a range of enjoyable activities such as drawing, painting and other crafty experiences. During these sessions, children are encouraged to explore their creativity and use their imagination. This also gives children the chance to learn basic skills such as identifying colours and shapes.

Lunch then follows, providing children with time to sit down, eat and converse with their friends. Our meals are created to suit every child, created with nutritious ingredients and delicious flavours, to suit even the fussiest eaters! Your child’s meals are crafted with the most important nutrients, especially designed by a nutritionist for all Young Academics centres.

After lunch is rest time. Children are encouraged to take a nap and refuel for a fun afternoon, if they want to. While nap time allows children to rest and settle, we also allow the option for children to continue to engage in other educational activities if they do not wish to nap. The afternoon then calls for a more relaxing activity like story-time. Before children head home, they are provided with a light afternoon snack to keep them energised for the rest of the afternoon.

Throughout the day, parents are also likely to think about what their precious little one is doing. At Young Academics, we provide parents or guardians with daily communication through Kinderloop, a private platform that provides real time updates. Whether your child is learning how to spell their name, making sandcastles, or creating a painted masterpiece, parents are kept enlightened as the day progresses.

Our team has carefully and considerately planned each Young Academics experience to ensure each child’s activities, learning, nutrition and more is provided with their best interest at heart. Our educational programs are also created to provide developmental, emotional and social support to each child.

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