4 Considerations for Selecting an Early Learning Centre

Charlotte Thompson, 04 Jan 2021

Selecting an early learning centre for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for their academic lives. Your choice of an early learning centre can impact your child’s emotional, social and educational development which is why you should carefully consider every factor. Generally, Sydney is home to excellent early learning centres; however, not every centre will be right for your child, family and lifestyle. Every family is unique and will require various features from different centres. Additionally, families have different ideologies and would prefer specific values and ideals from centres that align with their own. While families are well aware that they want an early learning centre that reflects their values and lifestyle, they forget or are unaware of what considerations to look out for when visiting the centre or to ask about when speaking to a team member. All parents want a seamless transition from their child’s home life to an early learning centre. One of the easiest ways to establish this is to ensure that the centre you pick is warm and welcoming and aligned with what you want. How do you find out what you want? Take into account the following considerations when selecting an early learning centre for your child.

4 Considerations to Consider When Selecting an Early Learning Centre in Sydney

  • Location 

A centre can be perfect in every way, but if it is not near a parent’s place of work or home, then it loses attractiveness almost instantly. Among waking up early, the hustle and bustle of getting your kids out the door and fighting morning traffic, the proximity of a child care centre to your home or place of work is extremely important for dropping off and picking up your kids on time or getting to the centre quickly in the case of an emergency (e.g. if your child was ill). It also allows you to spend more time with your little one in the morning – valuable time that you will never get back.

  • Play environment 

Exploratory play and play-based learning is vital for teaching children essential life skills as well as for growing their independence and confidence. Therefore, it is key that you select a centre with both an outdoor and indoor playing environment. Outdoor environments are beneficial for ensuring that children get enough vitamin D as well as enjoy the fresh air and explore nature. Purpose-built indoor play environments allow children to play if it is raining and encourage them to remain active. Your child mustn’t feel like they are in a concrete jungle. Any centre that has a fun environment with lots of natural light and fresh air will be enjoyable for your child.

  • Learning philosophy 

There are different approaches to teaching and learning that centres adopt. While some use a variety of measures to ensure that every type of child is catered for, others do not. This can be particularly detrimental to a child’s development. A singular approach to learning means that if your child does not respond to this type, he or she will suffer developmentally. Children learn through a combination of methods; however, play-based learning is particularly useful at this age. Look out for a centre that incorporates play-based learning as well as several other techniques of teaching.

  • Nutrition 

Nutrition is an essential feature of every child’s physical development. At a young age, food is also an excellent opportunity for children to understand the life cycle of food, become exposed to different cultures, the importance of food to the body and mind and understand what healthy eating habits are. Taking these benefits into consideration, it’s clear that nutrition impacts your child heavily and is thus, crucial. Look out for a dedicated food and nutrition program like the Nutrition Program from Young Academics. A dedicated program will ensure that your child gets the meals and education that he or she deserves.

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