3 things you can do to make your kid smarter

Andrew Silva, 25 May 2022
When it comes to raising kids, most parents are incredibly invested in ensuring they do well in all aspects of life. We all want resilient, kind, happy and well-adjusted kids, and we want them to have the best chance of success. Part of this is ensuring their intellectual development is well looked-after, and while genetics come into play here, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that we parents can greatly improve things in this area. Encourage their musical side Before you ban the dreaded recorder or scold the grandparents for buying your children a drum kit, consider this: research shows that learning a musical instrument can actually increase your child’s IQ. According to studies, children who were tested before and after completing music lessons experienced greater increases in IQ than those who enrolled in other classes. Read with your kids, not just to them It doesn’t take a genius to realise that reading to children is going to boost their brain power, but it turns out there are good ways and there are great ways to go about this. Instead of simply reading them books, calling their attention to certain words and having them join in with you is even better. Research has shown this contributes to early literacy and better long-term reading outcomes. Make sure they get enough sleep There is a direct correlation between academic achievement and kids who get enough shut-eye at night. In studies, kids who got better sleep at night performed vastly better in maths, English and French. It’s not just school-aged kids who need good quality sleep, though. From the age of birth to three years old, a toddler’s brain develops important connections between the left and right hemispheres while they are sleeping. Albert Einstein’s brilliance was credited to sophisticated connections between the hemispheres of his brain, so if you want your little one making their own theory of relativity, good sleep practises are key. At Young Academics we care about encouraging your child’s development. Read more about our Evolution program here, which can help your little one in seven key areas of early education.

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